Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I need more Spirit Fingers

Is it Tuesday?  Remember how yesterday I had no brain cells, and so my post was a lesson in procrastination?  Today I am no better.  I knew that putting thoughts to paper was not on the agenda, so I made this for you...

If this does not inspire happiness in you, I don't know what will.  Enjoy yourselves today, and have a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. Lol loved the sparkle comment! Cute video!

  2. Oh Kristen, YOU make me sparkle - lol lol lol
    Just had to, sorry.
    I was laughing in my cubicle with this vlog. I love that your personality, the one I'm getting to know and love, shines with each vlog.
    So what days are designated sparkle post days?
    I'm in!
    And, since you guest posted on mine, I guess I could guest post on yours:)

  3. Ok, i snorted alot during this. My favorite part is where you don't change your birthday for the leap year. You frickin' nut! I sparkle most when I take a dump because then I am clean and fresh and last nights 1200 calorie burger isn't eating up the lining of my intestines. Spirit fingers and a high kick!

  4. I sparkle.. mostly when I go out into the sun. because I am a mother effing vampire.


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