Friday, June 22, 2012

Look into the ball...

Yesterday at work, my boss gave me a fortune cookie left over from a few days earlier.  I love fortune cookies.  I love the possibilities they represent, even just for fun.  Anyway, this was the fortune I got:

I have to say, I like this one.  It's  a good reminder that I'm on a journey, and it's only going to get better from here.  There may be obstacles, but at the end is success.

What are you on the path to?  I hope you're on the path to success with me.

Have a happy Friday, friends.  So glad you stopped in today.


  1. "fortunes" are so vague, haha. Happy Friday, love!

  2. Great fortune! I'll definitely join you on the path to success! :) Happy Friday!

  3. don't you hate all those random numbers at the bottom of it. what ARE those anyways?

  4. oooh, and it has my lucky number on it! 14. you are totally going on a successful path now. 14!

    oh and I just read Amy's comment. ha! I guess she and I feel differently about the random numbers. I only read the fortune if it has 14 on it. :)

  5. I hope that's the path I'm on...right now it seems as though I'm not really on any path.

  6. You are on your way to do many great things. I love this fortune. I wish I ate Chinese it makes me ill


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