Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A January wrap-up

January went way too fast!  I can't believe that it is February already.  With my January goals, some went very well, while others kinda flopped.  So let's look back, and I'll give you the run-down (my comments for each goal are in pink):

  • Establish a start weight (as of January 1, 2012) 160.8 lbs on January 1
  • Lose 5 pounds I really only lost 1.4 lbs, weight on 1/30 was 159.4 lbs through
    • Exercise 22 times (for at least an hour at a time) I did 20 times, which I think is pretty good
    • Limit dessert to no more than 1/week For the most part.  I did double up on dessert once or twice
    • Limit eating out to no more than 2x/week  Epic fail.  We had a really busy month, and used it as an excuse to eat out more often
  • Limit television time to 1 hour a day, and schedule my tv time in advance Sorta fail.  My tv averaged out to about an hour a day, but I didn't schedule it, and it wasn't consistent.  Once I started school, tv time dropped a lot
  • Make a schedule for sewing projects I would like to complete this year and prioritize them from easiest to hardest.  Done.  It isn't really in order of easiest to hardest, but it took shape in a way that makes me happy.  My January sewing goal was to make 6 aprons, but I only got 3 done.  A lot of that had to do with me getting frustrated with little things and setting it aside, not from a lack of time.
  • Once a week, post a list of things I am grateful for Win!  This was my favorite January goal, and I really felt the difference in the days I focused on good things vs other days of the week.  So much so, that it is now a February goal too!
  • Limit the monthly grocery budget to $250  We came in at $246.47.  I am really proud of my ability to not only try to stick to the budget, but also to keep my receipts so that we knew what we spent!  We are pretty to stoked to lower the grocery limbo bar this month, and see how low we can go!
  • Schedule at least one "date" with A  Yes!!!  We had a blast at painting night together, and it was a departure from the normal hum-drum date.
  • Take one whole day to do whatever I want... even if that's sleeping all day!  Kinda, Sorta, Not really.  I had a pretty lazy Sunday, but I got anxious about taking a full day for myself and decided I needed to get productive in the late afternoon.  I would give myself a C+ on that one.
  • Study a minimum of 6 hours per week once school starts on the 17th.  I found out 6 hours is not going to be enough, and spent more time studying.  This month I am budgeting approx 12 hours for study time each week.
How did your goals go?  Did you feel like you accomplished what you wanted?  Did you learn something new?

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