Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Thrifting has truly become my favorite way to shop.  It has officially turned me into a cheapo, and I must say that I really don't mind that moniker (in this instance... don't want A calling my cheap though!  The other great thing about shopping at thrift stores is that it makes me think about what I have at home that I can donate.  After all, there would be nothing to buy if nobody donated!

Every weekend I set out to find a few new awesome things.  There are a few things that are on my list right now of things to search for when I go.  My list of things to keep an eye out for:

Lamps.  I don't have a hugs love for lamps in my home, but I like the potential for them as an item to make cute and sell at my friends' shop.  For instance, I found this one a few weeks ago, and I'm in the middle of getting it ready to sell:

I sprayed this lamp a high gloss black, and bought a bell-shaped shade.  The last step is going to be hand stenciling the shade with black acrylic paint!

Cute blouses:  I am a sucked for cute work shirts that are any color other than red!  At my last job, I had to wear red every day for work.  Now that I don't have to, I still find myself reaching for red, simply due to a lack of variety.  I picked up 2 new blouses this last weekend, including this beauty:
It has pleats and ruffles, and it ties in the back!  I officially love everything about it.  However, one of the fabric covered buttons was missing.  So I picked up some cute buttons at my favorite sewing shop, Mama Said Sew.  They have the cutest things!  I mean, check these babies out:

I realized a little too late that the buttons are navy and the shirt is black.  However, they really look pretty cute together, and add a little pop to the otherwise monochromatic shirt.

Banged-up quality furniture:  We are always on the lookout for solid wood furniture.  It's harder to get ahold of, but you can totally find it.  We like it, because solid wood is easier to refinish than something that has a veneer on it.

We found this desk, and A could not resist.  We aren't even going to re-finish it, we love the character.  A sits in it almost every day.

Unique storage solutions:  We have a ton of stuff that is small and loose.  If there is one thing I always need more of, it is storage containers.  I really dislike the way the plastic bins look.  Things like hat boxes and trunks are far more up my alley.  I showed you my new (vintage) hat boxes last week.  Yesterday, I bought this beauty of a trunk for fabric storage:

I saw her and knew I had to have her.  Sad news though, the bottom was covered in contact paper, and when I peeled it off, the metal was rusted through in several places.  She is unusable until A and I can devise a way to get her patched up, and rust free.

What items are always on your thrift list?  Or are you absolutely terrified of the thrift store?  What was your best ever thrift score?

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