Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February wrap-up

So, February was kinda a cluster.  Not a whole lot got done.  I'm carrying over a whole bunch of February goals in order to give them another try.  I had hoped to tackle another segment of the "Circle of Life" in March, but I think that I could really benefit from spending more time focusing on the things that were important in February.  As eager as I am to check one more thing off the list, sometimes you need to work at something for a while...

So without further ado, let's go through the goals I set, and see what was really accomplished.

Continue to exercise 5 days/week.  I didn't even come close on this one.  Partway through the month, I scaled back, and saw improvements in my swimming stamina.  I think I was doing too much.  It's frustrating me to not be able to push as hard as I want to.

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Add a second yoga practice.  Mmmm, no.  I have all kinds of excuses for why I didn't, but they seem lame.

Stick to a $230 grocery budget.  We did it, but we ate out far too much for my taste.  I want to work on this, because I feel better when I eat healthy, home cooked food.

Make 1 vegetarian meal a week.  Another no.  This happened 2 weeks.  I like eating vegetarian, but A tends to feel like it isn't a meal unless meat is involved.  It can make life tricky.

Incorporate food I already have at home.  This has worked out.  I love to buy things when they're cheap and on sale.  Like Turkeys at Thanksgiving, and Ham at Christmas.  We used up our extra ham from Christmas, which saved a bunch of money, and in March I think we're gonna do the Turkey.

Eat a cup of fruit or vegetable at breakfast, and at least two cups of vegetable at lunch and dinner every day.  I hit 75-80% on this one.  Not great, but not bad either.  I want to keep building on this, especially since we will be having both a garden and a summer CSA share.  That means tons of produce for eating, and I need to build up to that kind of craziness.

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Make a tiered Barcelona Skirt out of thrifted sheet.  The sheet is sitting in the same place that it was at the first of February.  At least I pulled the pattern out.  I look at both wistfully as I do homework.

Continue to record weekly gratitude and write a note to someone expressing why I appreciate them.  I missed one week of gratitudes, because I was in Steamboat with no internet access.  Otherwise, I did really well with that challenge.  I haven't written my note yet, but I still have a teeny-tiny amount of time left in February to make it happen, and I am determined to make this one work out.  It's important.

Date night with A.  We knocked this one out early in the month with a date to Denver!  We had a great night with Mammoth Lacrosse and Cherry Cricket burgers.

Take one day for myself.  Not so much.  This is hard for me, I always feel like there's too much to do.

10 minutes of cleaning a day.  We love this!  We didn't quite make it every day, but we did most days, and it's really made me feel better about our home.  I like knowing that each task builds up to a really clean, organized home.

Work on decorating our bedroom.  Nothing on this front.  I am kinda stumped when it comes to our bedroom.  I have plenty of ideas for every other area, but our bedroom stops me in my tracks every time.  Hopefully next month.

12 hours/week of school study.  This one most certainly happened.  I spend most of my free time these days hitting the books.

If there's one thing I figured out from February, it's that I need to find some happy equilibrium point going forward.  I'm going crazy trying to make everything happen all at once.  It's ok to take a break.  It's ok to not get everything done.  It's ok to not be perfect.  It's ok.

I'm sensing a March mantra, are you?

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