Monday, February 13, 2012

I Loves...

Good Morning!  It's Monday, and I am so ready to rock and roll this week, are you!  I was really debating what to write about today, and was leaning toward thrift store finds of the weekend, because there were a couple that will seriously knock your socks off!

...And then I came home, sat down at the computer, and decided there was something else to talk about.  Love, people.  Tomorrow is "love day".  Now whether you love or hate everything that February 14th stands for in our current society, I challenge you today to change how you see it.  Shift your frame of reference with me, because I want to tell you what I'm loving on right now.  And since I totally spaced doing Sweetly Saturday this last week, this is going to do double duty as my gratitudes for the week :).

PS, these are not your typical "I love my boyfriend" things.  Those are a given.  He's great.  These are the simple things in life that I love that I often take for granted.  I want to recognize them as being special too.

I loves...

The Blogging Community at large.  Where else can you find people from all over the world who share a passion for the things you love too?  Where can you find people who are doing the impossible and making it look way cool?

Chickadette.  Not only did she leave me the sweetest comments yesterday, but her blog is so refreshingly honest, and I kinda think I would love to have her as a real life friend.  And her cat is freakin' adorable.

Thrift Stores.  I cant go in anymore without buying at least 2 things.  They are full of treasure.

That feeling you get after the feeling like you're gonna die after a crazy workout.  You know the one, where the pain and fuzziness clears, and you feel like a bad-ass?  Yeah, that one.

My kitty Beckham.  I cant get enough of him most of the time.  He's such a little lover.  He's laying in my lap right now, and I can't lift my right arm.  It's precious.

Having a nice rec center 4 blocks from my house, and an amazing walking path system that runs right by my house.  It's easyier to go to the gym when it takes no effort at all to make it.

Seasons.  As much as I hate the cold, it would be hard to live somewhere where you didn't have clear seasons marking the passage of time.  It's nice to know that the earth changes along with humans.

Pretty things.  I'm a definite girl, and Valentine's day is all about those glittery, lace filled confections of cuteness.  

In the end, I want to think about tomorrow as a day for not only honoring the relationship A and I have honored, but also as a day for honoring all of the great things life has brought my way in the past year.  I feel so lucky to have found so many things to love! 

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