Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweetly Saturday

Happy Saturday, friends!

This is my week to have a 3 day weekend, and I am thrilled to start it off with a list of the things that have made this week special.  Have any of you started making lists of what you're grateful for yet?  It will change your perceptions in ways you have not imagined, I promise!

  1. Pinterest.  I finally jumped on board, and I don't know now why I waited so long.  I love being able to see what inspires my friends, and sharing with them what inspires me!
  2. Sick leave.  I have almost always had jobs that offered paid sick time.  HOWEVER, those same jobs made it not just difficult, but almost impossible to use our sick time unless you were in the hospital hooked up to life support.  I am so thankful to work somewhere that allows their employees to use their sick time and not just suffer through feeling icky.
  3. My classes are going well.  They do require a lot of work, and they stress me out, but so far, so good.  I may just wind up an Accountant after all!
  4. My job in general.  I seriously work with the best people ever.  We have properties in 2 cities, and I am the only person that lives at my property.  When snow hits, I don't have to go into the main office, I get to stay at the office on my property.  This is such a huge blessing, since my car isn't great in the snow, and A is back in school, so I can't just steal his whenever the need arises.
  5. Throw together dinners.  Monday night I hadn't been to the grocery store, and hadn't even had a chance to meal plan yet.  I didn't want to spend all of that time and have yet another receipt to keep track of, so instead I made this:
Stuffed Delicata squash and pan-fried tilapia
Salad with Amy's Goddess Dressing
 It was pretty delightful.  I love when a meal comes together at the last minute, and it was better than either going out, or something I could have picked up at the store.

I hope you are all gearing up for a wonderful weekend!

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