Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mountain lions and muscles soreness

Right now it's Tuesday night.  I absolutely meant to post something for this morning, but I was working on payroll accounting until 9pm, and then I had to be up at 5:30 am (gross) so I could get a workout in before work.

Yeah, I'm trying THAT again.  Maybe I'll make it longer than a week.

As I write this, I can not make and sudden or large movements.  Kind of when you're trying to not get attacked by a mountain lion.  Everything from my ribcage down hurts right now.  My fat is angry that I'm trying to abolish it.  My muscles are trying to make me their bish.  And everything else is just along for the Kristen-hating ride.


Shay was really kind when she told me she would pray for me.  I'm assuming she was being mildly sarcastic, but I really hope she did pray.  Just not for my fat.  That can move on along.

As you read this [Wednesday] I'm on a "rest" day.  If you can call rent collection/move-in/move-out day of the month a "rest" day.  Also, I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk.  Maybe I can steal a power scooter from the grocery store and use that to tool around the office and the property???

It's also our first day back in the office for the week, as we spent the last 2 days in a hot computer lab trying to learn our new property management software.  I learned a lot, but I also learned how much work we need to get through before we're completely set up.  The best part of that, though, is that we really don't have those lulls in the day that make it drag on.  The day seems to zoom by.  Which is great, since I'm only allowed alcohol one day/week right now.

Let that sink in for a minute... 6 days a week I don't have a choice about indulging after "that" kind of day.  If that doesn't indicate my overall dedication to quashing the fluff, I don't know what does.

Just know, though, I am not quitting coffee.  I have to be tolerable to be around, after all.


  1. I am soo sore today too!!!

  2. I get up at 5 everyday. Only not to work out. I wish I had time for that. haha
    I'm so proud of you though! stay committed! and get me motivated!!

  3. For minute I was mildly concerned this was going to be a post about an actual mountain lion....
    A caffeinated Kristen is a happy Kristen. =)

    Feel better.
    And, I always pray for you.

  4. you're a trooper for waking up early to work out. for me, that's a cold day in hell. I can barely get out of bed to brush my teeth, so I think that's a huge accomplishment!

    - Val @

  5. I also was a bit concerned about this being a story of a trail run-in with a mountain lion. I'm glad it's not though!


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