Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Well, I'm proud of myself

Oh Tuesday, you sly fox going around dressed as a Monday.  I know that you love these 3 day weekends, simply because everyone has to sit up and take notice of you.  Negative attention is better than no attention, right, Tuesday?

My Memorial Day was nothing terribly special.  Womp, womp.  It was kind of like catch-all day after being utterly useless for the rest of the weekend.

It started with a morning bike ride.  My first of the season, in fact.  I was hoping for magical, and instead I got humbling.  I guess I should hop on a bike more often than once every 7 months or so.

However, during one of my [several] rest breaks, I snapped this picture for all of you.  I thought you might like to see some of the views us CO people get to enjoy on the daily.

After an 18.9 mile bike ride that took entirely too long, I thought I had plenty of time to relax before having to meet up with a maintenance vendor at 11, so I drank my protein shake, showered, and then relaxed with some almonds and raisins.  Except, Mr. Vendor man was 25 minutes early.  So on went the maxi-dress, and out the door I went.  Sorry almonds and raisins, I really wish I could have savored you instead of tossing you down the hatch in 3 big gulps.

You know what's really fun???  Spending 30 minutes on your day off working.  I highly recommend it.  Said this girl never.

After that, Ammon and I ran over to our wedding venue to drop off a check for the remaining balance of our venue fee.  We came home, and I made our "breakfast" smoothies for the day.  Seriously guys, this is one of the yummiest smoothies I've had in a long time, and if you ask nicely enough, I'll share the recipe next week.

Come to mama.

Finally, I could put it off no longer, and I consigned myself to Wedding Prison.  AKA my parents' dining room, the official headquarters of "Kristen's a crazy person who's sewing her own wedding dress".  I had been putting it off and putting it off (because I keep shrinking), but I finally started in the last week, and as of Monday afternoon, I had the whole thing cut out and prepped.  I was so excited that I texted my mom, who is on vacation right now, and I called Ammon.

Ammon's response to my news:  Oh, that's nice.  So, I'm working on this cool new inlay technique using the router...

My mom's eventual return text:  Well now you'd better get going on sewing the thing.

See how much love I get?  My point simply was that the cutting and prep is the hardest, longest part of the process.  And it's DONE!  I, for one, and pretty proud of this.  At least I won't be showing up nekked to my own wedding, right?

There is no picture of wedding dress HQ.  Sorry guys, but Ammon reads this blog, and we gotta keep a few things a surprise from him, you know?

Anyhow.  It's Mon-Tuesday, so I know you are all up to your eyeballs in work.  Hope it's a great one!


  1. 18.9 miles? I am tired just thinking about it! The breakfast smoothie looks delicious.

  2. congrats on getting the hardest part of your dress done, that's a huge accomplishment!

    also, your bike ride makes my 7 mile one look like child's play...holy crap!

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

  3. Oh wow! Great work on the dress! Are you taking photos as the dress comes together to share at a later date?

  4. YAY ! Cutting out the dress is the first major hurdle !!

  5. Well I'll be excited for you!!!! That really is awesome news! I so cannot wait to see it!!

  6. I need to get on a bike. I know how to ride one but have not been on one for...

    It's kind of embarrassing how long it has been!

    XO Lourdes


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