Monday, May 27, 2013

How to gain 6 pounds in 2 days

Well, happy Memorial Day, friends.  I hope you are enjoying your three day weekend doing what makes you happiest.  Me, I'm hoping to make some real progress on the wedding dress.  It's been my goal all weekend, in fact.  It didn't happen.  Yet.

Because 2 of my favorite real life people decided to take me out on the town to celebrate my last few weeks of the single life.

It all started with Champagne before we left.

And progressed to, quite possibly, the funniest drinking story ever.  I promise to share that story soon.

And then crazy Kristen came out.  She was so happy to have a girl's night.

The problem with girls' night though, is it entirely undid a lot of hard work.  When I did my Revolt Now Fitness weigh-on on Thursday, I was down to 144.8 pounds!  So exciting!  And then after a night on the town and a "Recovery" day, I was officially staring down at 150.6 on the scale Sunday morning.  Whoopsie.  It's totally a water thing, I know it.  In fact, my fingers were so swollen on Saturday that my ring was digging into my skin.  It always amuses me to see how quickly water goes on, and comes back off again.  I'm hoping to still see progress in the upcoming week, despite 2 days of indiscretion.

This week is a gap week between uprisings, and so Nichole Hunstman, creator of Revolt, planned some really fun stuff.  Current Revolt members are doing a modified detox week (hello perfect timing!), and a cardio-based set of workouts, which are going to be a total surprise!  I decided to be really proactive in meal planning this week, something that I got pretty lax with after week 1.  While the meal plan is a part of the program, it is my responsibility to generate a shopping list, do the shopping, then prepare, portion out, and store all of the food for the upcoming week.  That is a lot of steps, y'all.

However, when you follow all of the steps, life gets a lot easier during the week.  Suddenly, Ammon and I can eat when we need to, where we need to.  None of this nonsense of me having to be home to cook, and Ammon being ready to eat at that same moment.

Smoothie packs for the freezer.

So that's it.  My Lush ways have caused a little speed-bump, so this week I have to work a little harder.  Really guys, this plan is working!  I told my co-workers I have a goal of having a six-pack by the end of the summer.  I really mean it, and I think it's totally possible.  Already there have been some really noticeable changes!  Is it time for you to rise up and try something new?  Join me on this journey, let's support each other!


  1. I'm so impressed by the progress you're making! ...We all have cheat days, not that I'm admitting to eating a bag of chips... and a chocolate bar or anything...

    But back to it! New week, new goals to smash through! Keep it up, lady! x

  2. Ohh girl i had a bad week as well. I gained 1 pound but i also felt like crap after some of the things i ate!
    BOOO! Back on track today!

  3. I went to the doctor last week in which I gave enough viles of blood to paint a room. apparrently 5 tsps of sugar in your coffee in the morning isn't good according to this doctor person so I am now on a sugar restriction. I could possibly die but save my teeth in the process. It's a win win.

  4. Don't be discouraged :) It'll drop again quick AND you had so much fun.

  5. I've heard really awesome things about Revolt! I so need to check it out now!

  6. I love the picture of crazy Kristen! I'm slacking lately. I think I'm just dying for vacation.

  7. Oh man! AT least you had fun on girl's night. That should be motivation for the next few weeks :)

    xo Lourdes

  8. Everyone deserves a girl's night out - I'm sure you'll get back on track :)


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