Thursday, May 2, 2013

These are my obsessions

You know when you have those strange and random obsessions that make zero sense, but you can't stop loving them?  That's what I'm all about today.  You will love laughing about these things, I promise it.

First obsession:  Writing clever things on gallon jugs.

We have to drink a gallon of water every day on Revolt.  We're buying a new gallon jug each every week so they don't get gross.  We label them so that we don't get them mixed up.  All I can think about is funny and clever things to write on these jugs.  It might end up being the funnest part of this whole process.

Second obsession:  Cheesy Japanese teen dramas.

This is Ammon's fault.  He turned this on, and I find it beyond fun.  He wants to get me into cheesy Korean teen dramas next.  Subtitles are sexy, y'all.

Third obsession:  Taking pictures of the weather.

Are you tired of seeing snow in CO on your instagram feed yet?  No?  I didn't think so.  Clearly you love seeing my misfortune, so I feel obliged to deliver for you.

Fourth Obsession:  Detox baths.

2 cups Epsom salts.  1 cup baking soda.  6-10 drops lavender essential oil.  Hot water.  Blisssssssssss

Just ignore the fact that we need to scrub out grout. 

Those are my most current "What the..." obsessions.  What are yours?


  1. That's a lot of water... makes me wonder how many trips to the bathroom you take at work. =) My obsessions are currently: living a monastic life, christmas songs on my cd player, having all the windows open.

  2. compared to my grout, yours can be eaten off of!

    I really hope that's the last of the snow for you! that's just getting ridiculous...

    - Val @

  3. My friend Shannon LOVES Korean TV shows!

  4. Where do you find these Japanese dramas? Somewhere on the internet? I can only imagine a Japanese Degrassi show, I need to know more about this!

  5. I am OBSESSED with sleep right now. Work is destroying my energy levels.

    I need a detox bath as well. that looks heavenly.

  6. Where could I find the lavender oils? That sounds so amazing!

  7. I really wish we had a bath tub.


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