Monday, May 20, 2013

This is for real! Revolt week 4

Happy Monday!  It's time for a Revolt update.  Today starts week 4, and I have to say that I am so thrilled about how this whole program is working out so far.  Yes, it is hard.  Yes, the diet is more restrictive than most people choose for themselves.  However, pictures don't lie, and I have a few of those to share today.  I made some collages to show my progress.  On the far left of each collage is My "before" pictures, then week one, week two, and week three.

I can hardly believe these kinds of results in three weeks.  I didn't even realize there had been such a change until I compared the pictures in this way.

During week 3 I completed 4 out of 5 workouts again.  I really liked the workouts this week, especially the cardio circuit.  It was a really great mix of exercises that let me feel the burn, but wasn't too hard at the same time.  Things got a little off track over the weekend what with Ammon's graduation and his dad in town, but that's fine by me.  Gotta live your life.

Food wise, I stayed on plan for the most part.  Monday and Tuesday I was absolutely starving all week, and I got light-headed on a regular basis.  It got better as the week went on, but I REALLY needed my cheat day by the time it came along on Saturday.  I was starving pretty much all day, and ate whatever I wanted.  Sometimes that kind of thing makes me sick when I'm doing a diet cheat, but this time I could have had even more.  I even had a few cookies, my first sweets in over 3 weeks.  They were so good.

Got right back on plan on Sunday.  I felt like it was a lot easier to go back to eating clean after taking a legitimate day off.

Do you want to see these kinds of results too?  There's another Uprising starting on June 3, and Nichole, the founder of Revolt, has made the decision that all Uprisings will only be a month long from here on out.  You can do ANYTHING for a month.  Just think... is it worthwhile to make yourself uncomfortable for a month if at the end you are healthier, happier, and more fit?  And at only $10 for a month-long membership, it's way cheaper than a gym membership, or even buying the newest diet craze book.  Let's get a team together and see some incredible results!  Click here to get started.

Disclaimer:  Revolt fitness provided me with a free membership to their program in exchange for weekly reviews of the system.  They are not providing monetary compensation for my opinions.


  1. Dang girl!! Get it! Results that you can see in just 3 weeks is awesome!! Keep kickin a$$ my friend!

  2. Great job girl! Results are showing, i also feel its getting easier eating clean, i don't struggle as much as i did in week 2.

  3. You are doing great! Keep up the good work. Your results are obvious.

  4. Looking good lady, it's definitely working!

  5. WERK IT!

    looking amazing. you are doing great!

  6. Holy cow, you are a champ!! Look at those results! Work it, lady!!

  7. YOU GO, GIRL! You rock :) Great job!

  8. Wow, Kristen, you look absolutely amazing. Look at that tiny little waist. I wanna smack/hug ya. :) haha. So glad that you're getting great results, keep up the good work, lady! :)

  9. HELLO, HOUR-GLASS! You're looking incredible! It's amazing how quickly our bodies can adapt to a change in lifestyle :)


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