Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just a few highlights

I'm chillin' on my couch right now, trying really hard to not distract Ammon while he prepares for his last final (we SINCERELY hope) of his undergraduate career.  If he decides to be insane like me and go back to start over from scratch, I may kill him.  And it would be justifiable, I promise.

Homeslice has put me through a lot with the school thing over the past few years, and when you are condensing multiple major life events into a short span of time, surprises tend to be... unpleasant.  I am honestly more stressed out about his final final than he is.  That tends to be a trend for us, though.  I do the stressing, and he just takes life as it comes.

We had other big life events this weekend.  I finished up my semester for school, and firmly solidified my fourth consecutive 4.0 GPA.  I don't even know how to explain to people how much pressure I put on myself to succeed academically.  I do know that waking up at 7am on the weekends to work on homework sure did pay off, though.

We also did our Engagement photo shoot.  Yup, a whopping 6-ish weeks before the wedding.  I know it's insane, it's just the way it worked out.  I can't wait to see the finished shots, it's more thrilling than Christmas.  Also, we kissed so much my lips felt swollen and fatigued.  I guess having been together for so long we're out of practice???  That, or it was just a dang lot of kissing.

Another major life event is that I don't have to bundle like nanook of the North anymore... the bad weather appears to have vacated!  I'm sure for most people the changing of the seasons is no big, but it makes me supremely happy when this is no longer my view.  In May.

I even managed to work on some wedding stuff Sunday night like a boss.  I got it into my brain that I needed custom bunting to go around the outside of the reception tent.  Heeeeeeelllllllooooo longest, most tedious project ever.  We started that one literally months ago, and I got so tired of it that I set it aside.  Sunday was finally the time to bust it out and get it done.  I managed to get all of my triangles cut out, and now I'm collating them into the proper color sequence.  Then it's time to burn my fingers off pretend I'm some sort of famous craft blogger and glue gun to my heart's content.

Someone PLEASE save me from myself.  This is utter madness in the name of cute decor.

Oh, and not only does Ammon graduate Saturday, but my brother graduates with his Associate's degree tomorrow night, too.  Oh, hey life... when did you get so full?


  1. All of this...too much. You are a rock star at life right now. Proud of you!!

    Also - what is this nonsense of restarting school?!!?

  2. I think you're doing a great job keeping all of those plates spinning. Just remember to breathe!

  3. Holy crap, Kristen! I hope you have someone helping you out with all of these wedding crafts!

    And congrats on the 4.0 - you are a flipping rock star. Good luck to Ammon on his final final - then you guys better get out there and CELEBRATE!!!

  4. You killed it at school!! You really are amazing my friend! Is there anything you don't excel in??

  5. Yay for graduates!! Congrats to Ammon:)

  6. Well done this semester! That is so amazing.

    Hope Ammon's final goes well! xx

  7. Good job!!!! That is awesome! I got a 4.0 my senior year of college while planning my wedding, so I can wholeheartedly understand those stress levels. They are off the charts. But you are getting so close to having life finally calm down for awhile!


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