Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blasts from the Past

Television does not hold nearly the allure these days that it did when I was a kid.  I am attributing it to the sheer volume of channels and networks available.  Mediocrity is totally alright, so long as you have enough variety to capture your niche.  Today, I want to salute the shows that made my childhood television time so awesome and worthwhile.  I would also like to note that my parents limited my TV.  However, thank heavens that shows were only 20-30 minutes long back in the day.  Lots of time to enjoy the vast array of quality programming.

Kids, Incorporated.  Aka Fergie's big debut.  These kids lived my dream, I wanted to be on stage as a kid.

No words are needed for this.  Eureka's Castle forever.

I was going to say that I miss cute, normal Amanda Bynes, and then the best clip I found is of her being borderline scary.  Clearly, Nickelodeon knows how to pick the crazies.

Live Annawanna.

This was my favorite episode.  Apparently, my OCD tendencies started early in life.

My dad would always watch with us.  I didn't get how entirely inappropriate this show was at the time.

The show that launched so many careers.

The best part is that I could keep going.  So many great shows.  So many memories.  But let's leave off with the enigma of my Elementary school summers.  We can't be friends if I have to explain this.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I only ever really watched All That and Ren and Stimpy out of these shows. I was also a HUGE fan of Hey! Arnold, Fraggle Rock, and The Rugrats.

  2. Eureka's Castle = best show ever! I feel bad for kids these days, who don't get to enjoy the amazing television that we did.

    - Val @

  3. My brother's really liked Ren and Stimpy - I never watched a single one of these shows!

  4. Oh my... blast from the past indeed. Love it!

    XO Lourdes


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