Monday, April 29, 2013

And so it begins

Today I officially start Revolt Fitness.  To say I'm a little worried about how this first week is going to go would be an understatement.  There is probably going to be a Revolt update every day this week, in fact.  Sorry if that bothers you, but this week is gonna be a big ole deal.

I spent a good part of yesterday getting all of the food for the week prepared.  The program has a very involved diet program, with a one week detox at the start.  Step one was buying all of the food.  Ammon is doing the diet and exercise plan with me, at least to start out, and I was curious to see how much it was going to cost.

Our total cost for this first week was $110.  I'm pretty happy with that, considering the sheer volume of food that encompasses.  Yes, that is 12.8 lbs of raw chicken, 3.8 lbs of sirloin, 4 packages of spinach, 6 18 count cartons of eggs, 2 large bags of broccoli...  and much, much more.

The diet plan is simplified as much as possible, with the goal that you'll be more likely to stick with it.  Part of that is prepping all of your meals for the week the Sunday before your week starts.  In theory, this takes about an hour, but that depends on your cooking methods.  Our prep took longer than that, but I'm just glad to have it all knocked out.

The big question of the day is how this will actually work in practical terms.  We are in training at work for the next 2 days, and our access to food will be strictly limited.  This worries me, since I'm supposed to be eating every 3-4 hours.    With any luck, the trainers will give us a couple of 15 minute breaks, and I'll be able to wolf down my food on schedule.  Otherwise, I might be a little bit of a grumpy girl.  Well, even more grumpy than I am most Mondays ;).

What's going on in your world today?


  1. SO PROUD OF YOU. I need a detox like you would not believe.

    Also - I hope you survived the invitations! :)

  2. That is a crazy amount of food but great price...not bad at all for all of that. Good luck!

  3. Wow, can you share some of the recipes?

  4. Are you a Revolt Fitness blogger now? I had the chance and was on the fence about it. Looking forward to reading about your experience with it!


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