Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of me

My usual M.O. anymore around here does not include link-ups.  To tell the truth, I get bored of them rather quickly, and all of the work that they bring.  However, I am also running out of blog post ideas these days, and I thought that the easy prompting of a link-up might help me get back in the groove.  So today, I'm participating in "The Facts of Me" link-up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.

Whitney's premise is that whenever you go to a theme park, zoo, aquarium, etc they have the most interesting little tidbits to share, tidbits that blow your mind.  Her goal with this link-up is that we all share the tidbits about us that would blow people's minds.

I am always, always, always cold, except for the hours of 3am-6am, when my body all at once decides to release the heat it has been sucking in all day.  I have woken up sick before from overheating in the middle of the night.

I talk in my sleep.  A lot.  Ammon will periodically keep records of the things I say, and they are pretty hilarious.

I don't like Klondike bars.  I would not do anything for one.

I do love non-bar-shaped ice cream, and will do a lot for it.

I have a life-long dream of being a modern-day 1950's domestic goddess.

I can't sleep with less than 2 blankets.

I use cheaper shampoo and body wash than Ammon does.

I have double the make-up stash of most women, and I rarely use any of it.

I get more excited about new cooking gadgets than anything else.

My car is a 2000 Ford Focus that has had multiple names.  It started out as "Coutry Boy Bubba" and now it is "The Death Focus".  I named my bike "Matt Damon".

My scooter does not have a name, but it is my favorite mode of transportation in the whole wide world.

I own 4 white skirts, and I want more.

I am convinced that the Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice coffee came about through divine intervention.

I try to get people to hang out with me by bribing them with fancy food.  If you come to visit, I will most likely cook some 4-course Julia Child masterpiece, and try to stuff you to the gills, grandmother style.

I went out with my friends at midnight for my 21st birthday, then 10 hours later had to go celebrate with my Grandmother, Great-Aunt, and several cousins.  It is the only time in my life that I have turned down cheesecake (And I'm pretty sure Grandma and Aunt Dee-Dee were just trying to make me miserable on purpose).

{Somehow, pictures of the event have gone missing from facebook...}

I almost always have 2 or 3 bruises of unknown origin.

I have never broken a bone, but I have managed to damage just about every single soft tissue in my body (ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia...)

Well, do you think tha's enough fun facts?  Me too.  After all, I want you to come back soon and learn more =)


  1. your scooter is adorable.
    Landon won't let me get one. He says if I want a scooter then he will just buy me a road bike. which would be cool too, but I just love scooters.

  2. Not gonna lie, totally lol'd with your klondike fact!

    And I'm obsessed with white clothing! And spilling on said white clothing...

  3. Most of my bathroom products are cheaper than John's too. Men are so high maintenance but pretend they aren't.

  4. "I don't like Klondike bars. I would not do anything for one."

    I literally laughed out loud when I read this. And now I have the silly jingle in my head, lol.

  5. your scooter is so pretty!! and after reading this, I now want ice cream :(

  6. I wake up with bruises. I'm pretty sure I box in my sleep.

  7. Damn you for mentioning ice cream. Twice.

  8. I want a scooter. And some ice cream. Maybe I could drive down the street on my scooter while licking an ice cream cone. Consequently, I would drive the scooter through the front window of an ice cream shop, and they would give me free ice cream because they felt bad for my misfortune.

  9. You crack me up! I am horrible at driving scooters, my brother has one, and I used to try and ride it when I lived at home. The thing still has dents from me! Maybe you'll have to give me lessons. Also, I have never broken a bone either - but I get stitches all the time.

  10. I talk in my sleep too! and so does my best friend. One night, sophomore year of college, her boyfriend stayed over and said that the two of us held a conversation (granted, it made no sense) in our sleep!

  11. Cheers to being domestic goddesses!! I still stand by this decision.


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