Monday, January 21, 2013

An attached girl's take on single living

Ammon was out of town all weekend.  He comes back tonight.  Remember how last week I talked about how I wanted to do a tongue in cheek post about the things that you can do when you're single that are really hard in a long-term relationship?  Well, after a couple of days of living that dream, I can safely share with you now.  I hope all you non-single ladies can nod your heads, chuckle, and remember the days before your behind took an accidental 3am plunge.

1)  I alluded to it above:  Not having to worry about that stupid toilet seat.

2)  The thermostat.  It's all yours.  Alllllllllllllllllllllll yours.  No worrying about setting it, walking away, and ten seconds later that man friend sidling up and changing it back.

3)  You get to have complete control of the blankets.  No fighting anyone for more or less blankets, no compromises about which blankets are and are not needed on the bed.

Okay, it's a lie:  You will still have to fight the cat for bed space.  But it's better than the below thief:

 This guy likes to steal pillows.  All of the time.

4)  There is no one to judge when you spend 3+ hours at the craft store.

 The dollar bins by the register are always the best part.

5)  Similarly, there is no one to judge when you have a 3 hour skype date Friday night, and then a 4 hour long girl's craft night Saturday night.

6)  You can put emergency ice cream in the freezer, and know for a fact that it will be there for an actual emergency.

I can't tell you how much I wish I had done this over the weekend... but sugar and I are on a break-up right now.  Sigh.

7)  Your cat is the only one around to judge you when you watch "Mean Girls", simply in order to feel better about your own life.

8)  You don't have to worry about super secret, super cute February surprises being ruined.  Like, how you had been planning on leaving man friend a love note every day of the month, then he goes and {publicly} demands a love letter in your blog comments.  Totally rude.

Since I still have a few hours of "the single life", I'm going to pass them doing the same wedding crafting crap that has taken up the rest of my single girl's weekend.  I know you all must be amazed at how much of a party animal I am.  Don't worry, it's totally normal =).  Have a great MLK day!


  1. The icecream thing made me laugh :) (Along with stealing covers...sharing bed space... why do these boys feel the need to sprawl?! I've been elbowed in the head many times...)

    I always go out and pick out a treat for myself, and I'll only have LITTLE bits, and make it last forever. Or should I say, I used to. If there is icecream in our place, it will be gone that evening. I don't know how that man can eat an entire tub in one sitting, but he can.

  2. I think my own personal joy is eating all of the delicious food that Zac just loathes - read hummus, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted veggies, etc., all the deliciousness that he just simply can't stand and is therefore rarely in the house.

    It sounds like you had a good weekend. :) I'm glad!!

  3. Landon is a total pillow stealer, but I'm guilty of taking all and any blankets that are on the bed. Plus I have two extra that Landon isn't even allowed to touch.

    Also, Landon is the one with the emergency icecream, I am more of an emergency bag of chips kinda gal. haha

  4. It's so nice to have a break from sharing and compromising everything sometimes!

  5. I kinda (secretly) love my single girl days when hubby is out of town. Even with 2 kids it's kinda nice. I get to watch what I want, wear my pj's all day if I want, cook what I want, eat ice cream without feeling bad(he's diabetic)..

  6. I sit in bed and watch bad romantic comedies on youtube. It's true.

  7. I'm pretty lucky, my guy is mostly awesome. Except for when he buys me donuts... doesn't he know I really need to lose weight, starting tomorrow?

  8. my "single" days are pretty similar to this. I'll spend about 2 hours in Target, come home, put pajamas on, watch something girly while eating crap like McDonalds for dinner, and then tons of chocolate.

    single days are good, they make you miss your husband/fiance/boyfriend, etc. :-)

  9. ha. I agree 100% with most of these! especially the emergency ice cream. If you want some good stuff on hand just in case (candy/ice cream/sweets) HE WILL FIND IT AND EAT IT. But if it's an old lollipop or plain ol vanilla ice cream, it's not going anywhere. :)

  10. Mike is a bed and blanket thief. Everything else he's okay at, though. :)

  11. I always hate when husband goes out of town, but once he's gone I'm like... heck yes I can do what I want!!!

  12. oh, what a single-ness adventure you had.. whoa. whoa. whoa.

  13. I saw Ammon's comment and I was dying. When John is gone my favorite part is tv in bed. He refuses to watch in bed. So as soon as I put the boys to bed I run to my room for the night.


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