Friday, January 4, 2013

Terminology lessons are cool

So, I'm about tor drop some mad sorority lingo on you, in order to share with you something I saw on Facebook.  Yes, this really is important, I promise.  I also need to share that this lingo only applies to my particular secret society for women, and that every sister/brother-hood has their own specific terminology.

"Diamond sister":  The sister(s) in your sorority that are paired together to have a mentoring/guiding role in the chapter.  So I have a diamond sister that mentored me, and then I was a diamond sister/mentor to another girl.  Put more simply, it's the "big/little" or "mom/daughter" relationship of our sorority.

Get it?  Did that bore you?  Too dang bad.

Okay, so the Diamond Sister I mentored is Emily.  I adore her.  I fondly called her my red-headed step-child for a brief period of time.  And I miss her like crazy, even though I don't tell her nearly often enough.

Okay, so now that you know Emily, I want to share with you the quote she shared via status update with all of us who are blessed enough to know her.  I hope it touches you as much as it touched me.

"Most good things happen without a plan: friendships, falling in love, finding a job, and so on. If you want to make your new year count, you’ll need to be intentional — not by setting goals, but by making space in your life for what really matters"

Now I don't know who said it, and I don't really care.  I do know that Emily, and for that matter, all of the women I call sister came into my life by chance, because I made space in my life for friendship, but not specifically those particular women.

 Similarly, when we all come into this space, we come here knowing we need to find a way to connect with others.  My one piece of blogging advice, for any blogger this year is to open yourself to new connections, even if you think you have enough friends, even if you think your life, your blog, your reality is "just this one way", you may be surprised to find out something different.  I have been so blessed in 2012 by the relationships I've made, because I was open to them.  It isn't convenient for me to put the effort in, but it is oh so worth it when I find someone that I would die to call my sister, in the same exact way I call all those girls in the above picture sister.  With lots of love, admiration, and joy in my heart.

So I challenge all of you to consider how and why you make your resolutions, and if it might be time to step out with intention instead of a plan.  Happy Friday, lovelies.  I hope this weekend treats you kindly.


  1. I love this! It's definitely something I've been thinking about in the new year; trying to connect more with other bloggers.

  2. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing. And you are right - there is always room for more friends, more love, and overall improvement!

  3. I had a really poor sorority experience, so I'm happy to know that sometimes sororities can be awesome.

    And I LOVE how relationships can form through blogging. It's actually my favorite thing about the blog world. I can't wait to see what comes this year!

  4. Love love love this post! And your friend's facebook status! Awesome!

  5. Thank you! A great reminder ! <3

  6. Loving the quote and the message of this post! Most of the time I feel like I need to have a plan for things to happen, but I know real change is much deeper than that, and most good things happen unplanned. I will keep this in mind throughout the year!

  7. I thought I had enough friends. I did.

    And then, I met my best friend through my blog.

    So we'll just see.

    I met you as well. we never know. ever. ever. ever..


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