Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kindness, and Really???

I realize that yesterday's post came off a little... grumpy.  Yes, grumpy is a good word for yesterday's post.  That isn't what I meant by it.  There are good things in my life, please don't think for a second that there are not.  It was just that all of those grumpy things were the only things jumping at me yesterday.

In order to balance out the grump, today we are going to talk about happy things.  Happy mail, in fact.  Have you all seen around the interwebs the 2013 "pay it forward" with snail mail thing?  The idea is that you have 5 people sign up in the comments section of your blog, and during the year, you send each of the 5 of them a little something to brighten their life.  At no specific time, no specific item.  Just something.  The only thing that is asked in return is that you offer the same to your readers, and keep the love alive.

How cool is this???  I about died I so loved this.  There is nothing better than going to the mailbox and having something sweet waiting for you.  I know, because this came in the mail yesterday, and all goodness and warmth in my heart yesterday came from this sweet, simple piece of mail.

I just so happened to sign up for the "pay it forward" thing with Kim right after she had sent this sweet note in the mail, so it was like a freebie!  However, I've watched a whole lot of feel-good reality tv over the years, and I knew that the right thing to do was to pass my freebie along.  So yesterday, with my heart full to bursting with love, I sent out 5 little love notes of my own.  Not because of the rules of the snail mail chain, but because I just kept having people pop into my mind that I wanted to love on.  I want it to be a surprise to the ladies getting their notes, but I couldn't help but show everyone a sneak peek of the notes.

So today I have an offering, and a challenge.  I am offering to ANY of you who would like a little love in the mail to leave me a comment below, and MAKE SURE that I have a valid email address for you.  We'll coordinate for addresses, and then at some point during the year, I'll send you something great.  I'm not limiting it to 5, because that simply isn't my style.  I do ask that you, in turn, offer to do the same for at least 5 people on your own blogs, and keep the love flowing.

My challenge goes out to the 5 lucky girls about to receive love notes:  I challenge you to send the love on to people you deem in need, whether they blog or not, and with no intention of getting anything in return.  It's a great feeling to be able to give to others, and you never know when you could be brightening someone's day.

So, in other, completely unrelated news, I just cleared the photos out of my phone... holy buckets!  Remind me to do that more often... it was absolutely brutal.  I'm not sure why I thought half of those pictures were necessary, but I did.  And now I'm cursing myself for it.  But thankfully, the digital age allows us all to be data hoarders.  I guess I just need to buy another thumb drive or two.  We'll just pretend that the random pictures are all for the sake of blogging.  Yeah, that's a good thing to pretend.

So, yeah.  Sign up for a chance to get mail from me.  I promise I won't awkwardly stalk you... any more than I already do through your blogs.


  1. Um yes please! And you just gave me an AWESOME idea as well. Thanks lady.

  2. oh, that's so nice...i miss hand written letter

  3. I looooove love love letters :) You write me and I'll write you back!

  4. I think you should write me a love letter too. Subtle hint, there.

  5. I would love mail from you...even though I have already gotten some :) Speaking of I need to get your book back to you. I wish I could hand deliver it!

  6. You're seriously the sweetest. Slash best.
    And I love Ammon's comment up there. I think you should do just that. :)

  7. I think this is such a good idea! Who doesn't love mail? Also Ammon should definitely get a love letter :)

  8. Bahaha. Do you awkwardly stalk me?? You know I'd love mail from you. And sometimes I send mail too.


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