Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unicorn poops

Yesterday was a no-good, very bad day.

I have it on good authority that I'm not the only one who thought so, either.  But this is my blog, so we're going to talk about my day.  I'm self-centered that way.

The no-good very bad all really started on Sunday.  Ammon and I went to try out a church.  It was our very first time doing anything religious together as a couple, and that was incredibly surreal.  I find worship to be more vulnerable, more intimate, than standing stark naked in front of a person, saying "Here I am, take me as I am!"  This is a big reason why it's hard for me, I have to find the right community, the right place, the right time, to get there.  But that's a side-track, that has absolutely nothing to do with badness.  What does have to do with badness is that we came out of church to a very flat tire.

What makes it worse than that, is that the car rolled off the jack when he took the tire off.  At the time, we thought it only meant that the bumper came out of place.  No big deal.

So Monday morning, I dragged Ammon's grumpy little behind out of bed, and sent him off to the tire shop.  I knew I was paying for it, and I was hoping they could patch the old tire.

Yeah, right.  I am so optimistic sometimes.

Ammon wasn't at the shop for more than 10 minutes when they told him that wasn't going to be possible, and that he needed new tires.  Do you know how much decent all-season tires for an all-wheel drive vehicle cost?  Holy cow, guys.  I agreed to the $500 tires, knowing we would be glad for them in the long run.

And then I got a message to call him.  Urgently.  Shit.

Turns out, when your car rolls off a jack, it can cause undercarriage damage.  Who woulda thunk it?  So we were looking at another $170 for critical repairs that could total our car if we didn't deal with ASAP.

So $752.91 later, I decided that Ammon's new tires must be made of unicorn turds, not just the standard rubber.  When I told Ammon that, he might have snorted in derision.  Turns out, he didn't love Monday either.

On the bright side, I have 4 days off coming up, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  So obviously, we're getting clear of the junk, so that our days off are perfection.  It's happening.  My sparkle will not be dulled.

2 more sleeps before Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Come back tomorrow for an AWESOME vlog about what's in my thankful heart.  I promise to throw something, since I know that's what y'all watch my vlogs for, and I dropped the ball with the last one.  I won't let that happen again.  Don't worry.


  1. Cars are the worst :(

    One sleepy Monday morning, a concrete post came out of NOWHERE and scrapped itself against the side of my car. And you know... since concrete posts are incredibly stubborn, it refused to pay for the $400+ damage.

    I wish I could just walk everywhere I needed to go in life.

  2. So sorry friend! We recently had to get all new tires and a tune up. Almost $1000 out the door right before Christmas. Then John got a speeding ticket last week. Another $243. Being an adult royally sucks sometimes!

  3. I hate car problems. I drive a company truck to and from work and it's the most wonderful thing when something goes wrong, I just take it in and say, "Put it on Granite's account. Fix anything that's broken." the car shops love it too. Sometimes I think they fix things that aren't broken so they can get paid more. But like I said, not my problem.

    and word to the days off. Just 52 more hours til I'm on a plane to Hawaii. just 52 more hours......

  4. geeeez, cars are such a rip off! what I wouldn't give to live in a city with public transportation...

  5. Ew - what a GROSS Monday. So sorry, love. I hope the rest of your week is SO much better!! :)

  6. Yeah, right. I am so optimistic sometimes. <------- this made me smile.

    You just grow on me more and more every single day. you're so damn lovable.

  7. Oh, now I totally see how that instagram comment makes sense. Sadly, my tires must also be made of unicorn poop. And maybe a precious metal no one has ever heard of, since I'm getting ready to shell out $150 for 1 new tire. Oh yes. And did I mention that my tires are only a year old - that's right, I put on 4 new tires right after the big snow storm last October.

    I fucking hate dealing with cars.

    Look at that - poop and the Fbomb in one comment. Nice.

  8. Oh goodness! I hope your next 4 days are way better!

  9. Oh my gosh. Kristen!!!! I hope your week has gotten better. I mean, really, when it rains it freaking pours. At least you have plenty of time off, though!

  10. Monday really was the worst day in the history of days. I am STILL recovering from it, I kid you not.

    I hope tomorrow is FANTASTIC and all your Thanksgiving dreams come true!


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