Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Thursday.

Because it's Thursday, I'm really good at making some astute observations.  We all know how much I hate Thursdays

I have a lot to say, but I'm not spilling the beans here today.  I'm sharing the story of Ammon's and my first date over on our wedding blog.  That story is pretty funny.  You will giggle at my expense.  Everyone does.

Head on over to read how November 1, 2009 forever changed our lives.

If you don't like sweet, funny stories, well, I have a picture for you.  Everyone in my office dressed up yesterday for Halloween, and we documented it on camera.  You're welcome.

Yup, I'm a Bee, I'm a Bee, I'm a I'm a I'm a Bee.

Did you dress up?  Does your work encourage such tomfoolery?

Smile, it's ALMOST Friday... which is the worst statement ever.  Don't smile.  Just duck your head, and pray for Friday to come quickly with me.  If we all do it, maybe time will go faster.


  1. adorable! we don't dress up at work because that would be fun, and my boss is morally against his employees being happy and/or having fun.

  2. I'm going to head over there now. because who doesn't love funny, sweet stories?

    also, you're "I'm a bee" comment killed me.
    and you're a darling bee.

  3. love your bee costume! my department all dressed up as bees last year :)

  4. Happy anniversary!! Loved your dating story! And the picture with your coworkers is adorable! No dressing up for this girl & you know why, but maybe next year? We'll see! = )

  5. You make an adorable bee! Weren't you cold, though?

  6. You sure are a cute bee. I didn't dress up this year. Last year I was a flapper girl and froze my baguettes off. This year it was so cold, but I just wasn't in the spirit, but had a great time with the kid. Now the candy must go away, its not helping my fluffy at all.


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