Friday, November 30, 2012

I love lists

If you've gotten more than 6 comments from me ever, you have probably noticed that I have a love affair with numbered lists.  Today, all I can think of are the random things that don't deserve their very own post... so they're going to co-habitate together on one awesomely random list.

1) I am a 5 minutes kind of gal.  When I get to work, or get home, I just want 5 minutes of space.  Even if I have talked to Ammon the entire car ride home, I don't want him to bug me when I walk in the door.  Those few minutes allow me to adjust, to become human, and if it's the morning time, they let me get enough coffee into my system that I can tolerate human interaction. 

My co-workers have children.  They do not understand my need for 5 minutes first thing in the morning, because that doesn't exist in their world.  I'm certain they are doing their very best to help me squelch my baby fever when that attack me first thing in the morning with their cheer and joy.

2)  My phone hates me right now.  It's randomly shutting off, and the battery is going from full to drained in minutes.  I have 6 months before my next free phone.  Eff.

3)  I am not a picture-taker.  I force myself to do it.  Now that my phone is on the fritz, the pictures on this blog might get... interesting.

4)  Finals/School projects.  They suck.  We are buried in them around here.  I'm seriously contemplating taking a vacation day to deal with all of it.

5)  We had Chipotle for dinner last night, and they didn't cook the beans long enough.  This left me feeling like someone could strap a basket to me, then use me as the Goodyear blimp.

6)  I almost always get kids meals when we eat out, because it's lots of food for darn cheap.

7) Kristina wrote a guest post for our wedding blog today.  You should check it out, yo.

Since 7 is a lucky number, I'll leave you there.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend, all!


  1. Curse those people and their joy :) I'm not a 5 minute gal every day, just at selective moments which really confuses the hubby

  2. I LOVE bulleted lists, personally. ;) Thanks for the shout out. And to write a blog post in bullets.

  3. I like this post, because I also ama fan of lists :) I've definitely taken vacation days just to catch up on homework, you should do that!

  4. I looooooooove lists! I make at least one a day.

  5. 1. I did a numbered list today.
    2. a blimp? Still beaming with joy.
    3. i love my quiet time when I get home. i should always live alone. wouldn't it be a totally effing joke if I ended up a cat lady?
    4. we're a lot alike.
    5. my coworkers cannot talk to me before 9, fact.

  6. I like lists too!

    I still have never tried chipotle! Next time I go home, perhaps.

  7. I finally had some chipotle yesterday! It' my fav but it isn't close to me. John is the same way about space.


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