Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home stretch to Turkey

Hope Squared

Well hellooooooo ladies. As you can see from the above little button, we're vlogging it up today.  I know that some of you do not watch vlogs, and I can appreciate that.  I can also appreciate any hesitation to do your own vlogs.  They're awkward, and uncensored, and they're more intimate that words on a screen.  I love them, because I can pretend we really know each other, and are conversing intimately.

I love letting YouTube randomly pick an image.  This one is perfect, and probably the most flattering possible cover image from the whole thing.  Bravo, YouTube, you gave me yet another thing to be thankful for today.

Since I want to share the love with everyone, not just vlog lovers, some ecards to start the holiday right:

I do have a sweet little treat for you tomorrow, a Thanksgiving tradition in our family, so come back and share it with us, won't ya?  Have a great last day of work before a mid-week holiday!


  1. OMG your faces! If the save the dates are not right you can refuse them. Don't pay for something you didn't authorize!

  2. I really hope that you had more than just one glass of wine!!

    And also, thank you for your sympathy. I will sit here in my cold Canadian glory, weeping at my desk as I imagine everyone drinking wine and eating delicious food without me.

  3. haha Ammon. What a doll.
    and I'm thankful you won a giveaway. winning stuff is the best.
    I'm thankful we're blog friends. :)

  4. I'm sorry about the STD cards. =( Bummer. But, that throw of the candy cane - totally wimpy. Try again.

    And did you say 'dang it'? WTF? C'mon girl - get that trashy mouth out!

  5. You and I would get along so great in real life. We would.

    The person above me wrote "STD cards." I'm giggling like I'm 12.

  6. Yay for weddings!! I can't believe that wasn't the top of your list because it would be on mine :) Love his little wave there and your list, you two are adorable!

  7. So I watched this on TG day ... and then Sherm started barking at me to take a walk. And give him some turkey. So, I'm coming back to say, that was the sweetest shout out. And means a whole lot. Sherm and I want ... no NEED ... you on our crazy little blog sometime soon. We would be honored.

    I should really switch to white wine because I always spill the red.

  8. So, call me a creep but I'm catching up on vlogs because I usually read blogs at work where I don't have speakers or a private office. Long story short...its been decided. Our best friendship can begin now.


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