Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A little bit of this...and blog star

Well, hello Tuesday.  I must say, after 4.25 days away from the office, you look pretty good.  I guess I really needed some time to step away.  We had a pretty insane weekend around here, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow...

Alyx was nice enough to feature me as her "Blog of the Month" for September, and yesterday, I guest posted for her about how to cure baby fever.  Well, I noticed that as a result of said blog post, I have a couple more friends in this-here blogosphere, and I couldn't be more excited!  So I figured that today would be a good time to actually spend some time letting our new friends know who the heck I am.

In addition, Kate over at Mrs. Monologues takes the first Tuesday of each month to do her Blog Star link-up.  I figured we'd just do that whole "2 birds, 1 stone" business around here today.  Hope you don't mind.

1)  I'm 27.  That kind of snuck up on me, it's hard to believe that I'm that close to being 30.  Not that 30 is a bad age... it's just a surprising revelation.

2) I live just outside Fort Collins, CO, with my boyfriend Ammon.  Pronounced like "Amen".  He crosses himself sometimes when he introduces himself to people, so that his name will stick better in their heads.  This has lead to my co-workers jokingly calling him "Jesus".
3) We have a cat, and he's a whack-a-doodle.  He likes to crash vlogs.  I'm a total crazy cat lady, but only with my cat.  I dislike many (but not all) other cats.

4) I'm obsessed with food.  I spend all day thinking about it.  I like to cook, too.  Sometimes, the things I cook make appearances on the blog.  Some examples:

5) Since food is something I'm so passionate about, I do have to balance it out with some physical activity.  It's proven that if I don't, I start to look a little bit like a contestant on "The Biggest Loser".  Lately, I've been all about hiking, running, and cycling:

6) Oh, and that Ammon fella and I are fixin' to get hitched next summer... hopefully in August.  You're invited.  Yes, you.  We have a ton of family, what's one more friend?

Okay, it isn't a real engagement ring...yet.  And we haven't started really planning anything.  But August 2013, it's getting real. 

So there ya go... a little bit about who I am.  I really look forward to getting to know you too!  If you're new around here, please leave a comment with your blog link (if you're a blogger, that is), so that I can get to know you better as well!  Can't wait to visit you at our place too =).

Mrs. Monologues


  1. Yay! Love all this and getting to know more about you:) and August is basically the best month!

  2. I did NOT know that Ammon's named was pronounced as "Amen." Pretty cool. I've been reading it wrong all this time.

    I think you did a great job of describing yourself. You forgot to mention that you're hilarious, though.

  3. I spend all day thinking if food and thinking of ways not to eat it and I fail.

  4. Wait, Ammon is pronounced like AY-MEN? lol

    And I'm so glad you took over my little blog for a day!! I loved your post.

    And... I feel like we haven't chatted in a while, so I hope you're doing well!!

  5. Hi Kristen! Found you through the Blog Star Link Up - I, like you, am obsessed with food - so I too, like you, have had to kick up some workout type activities like cycling, hiking (haven't tried running yet) to keep my weight from sneaking up!

    I look forward to following along - and maybe getting some good recipes - from you!


  6. Guilty..I've been pronouncing it Aim on. Now I know :)

  7. Nice to "meet" you! How do you like CO? I'm visiting there for the first time this month. bTW...doing a link up on Sunday. Details are on my blog if your interested. :)


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