Thursday, September 27, 2012

Check out those threads!

As promised, today I'm going to tell you about what I wore to the wedding.  And for once, I'm not even going to talk about how "old as heck" something is!  I know this is probably the best news you've heard... because who doesn't want to dress like me???

People, I'm KIDDING.  Trust me... fashion is not my strong suit.  Please don't take your fashion cues from me.  There are plenty of other bloggers who are exceedingly better at that.  My mom takes fashion advice from me, but that's about it.

We took these pictures before the trip.  We don't have full-length from the trip yet... working on that.  The dress and shoes both came from Kohl's.  After an unsuccessful trip (for me) shopping with the mother, I came home and saw that Ashley was giving away a coupon code for 10% off your order total.  I sure as heck like 10% off, don't you?  So I decided to take a peek at what they had.  The dress is by Dana Buchmann, and it's a stretchy mock-wrap style dress with a 4-ish inch slit.  I have a thing about knee length dresses, and so this one fit that bill.  After reading the reviews, I went with a medium, and was pretty happy with the decision.

...Now let's say a few words about those shoes, yes?

These are some serious heels, ladies.  They're by Lauren Conrad, and they are a 4-1/2 inch heel with a one inch platform under the toe.  I got an 8, which is normal for me, but honestly I probably would have liked to go a half size up.  A lot of the reviews said they ran big, but I didn't seem to have that issue.  For being so tall, they were surprisingly comfortable, and I managed to wear them for almost 4 hours at the wedding, before switching into flip-flops.

One thing I will say... I am a firm believer in wearing slips under every skirt or dress I wear.  They make me feel lady-like.  But even if you don't like slips, this one pretty much demands it.  That stretchy fabric tries to cling in ways that are not so flattering.  So if you buy this dress, march yourself down to Target, and get yourself a cute little lacy slip.  You'll be walking like a lady in no time.

I also promised you some additional pictures of ladies in hats.  My mom and my aunt may kill me for this, but I have to.  I hope they understand that this light can not be hidden under a bushel:

I asked them if they wanted to wear these to the wedding.  We all decided it was best to not upstage the bride on her day.

These hats breed joy and love, people.  Joy and love.  I told my best friend I wanted to do a derby-party themed bridal shower... and now I want hats like these.  Even if they're only for a few fun pictures, or for those people who refuse to wear a hat to my party.  I will have flower hats like these in my life, and soon.

What is the best "bad" fashion choice you've made lately?  Am I the only person who finds it entirely appropriate to stage impromptu photo shoots of awesome hats with their family?


  1. Those hats are amazing. I'm totally jealous. =)

  2. you look smashing! I think Canada needs a Kohl's - I see there commercials on TV and am like, "rrrrroadtrip!".
    with that being said Target is FINALLY making it's way up here, holla!
    unfortunately I've never made a 'good' bad fashion choice :S

  3. Lovely dress! Slips remind me of my mom...haha. I can't wear them! I wear spanx, though. Off-brand spanx, of course. Anyway, you looked great! :) Sassy shoes, girlfran'!

    I think a derby-themed shower would be super fun. You are going to have the BEST time being a bride! :) You've already come up with so many wonderfully unique ideas!

    Maybe the worst fashion advice I ever received was "if you've got it, flaunt it!" And it came from my grandma, actually, when I was around 14 years old. It took a while for me to find clothes that weren't skin tight and/or low cut to be flattering, because I had it in my head that I should flaunt my curves and show off what I have. And now? I think the exact OPPOSITE. Well, not exact. I don't think we should always wear mu-mu's or something. know what I mean. I can feel good about myself even if my boobs aren't hangin' out.

  4. love that dress!! and the hats. a derby themed shower sounds truly fantastic lol.

  5. For someone who claims that they have no fashion sense, and should only be advising their mother, you look perfect.

    Seriously. That dress is perfect for you in every way!

  6. Those hats!!! Please say they own them and wear them like.....every day! Because I would

  7. holy heels. Love them. Love, love, LOVE them. And the dress. So perfect.

  8. You looked super cute! And those hats are amazing. I make bad fashion decisions everyday. I seriously don't even look in the mirror when I leave to go to the store. I really need to work on that.


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