Monday, September 10, 2012

It's a numbers game

When I was younger, my dad perpetually tried to explain to me that all things in life can be boiled down to numbers, math, and physics.  At the time, I really hated that.  I mean, he was trying to tell me that the beauty of a flute playing was just a bunch of icky math and physics!  As I've gotten older, I've learned how right my dad is.  Numbers are everywhere, and you really can boil it all down "to the numbers".  See some of our numbers from last week:

1. The number of chocolate dipped DQ cones I consumed:

Coincidentally, also the number I have now consumed in my entire life.  I was always more of a Blizzard kind of girl.

2. The number of days my weekend contained this week.

3. The number of times I looked at the garlic mashed potatoes on Ammon's plate on Friday night, wishing they were on my plate instead:

4.5. The height of my new shoes for the wedding we're going to in 2 weeks:

5. The number of people who looked at me sideways in Wal-Mart last night when I laughed out loud over finding this product on the shelf:

6. The number of days I've been doing the WW PointsPlus 2012 Program

7. The number of times I was shocked over the points value of ANY food on the PointsPlus 2012 program.

26. My new number of food points I am allotted in a day (as of Sunday)

27. The number of food points I was initially allotted for a day

31. The goal number of activity points I was given last Wed.

33. The number of activity points I earned from Wed to Sat.

There are more numbers, but I don't want to keep you here ALL day.  You've got other blogs to read!  Oh, and you should probably do some work, too ;-).  Hope your Monday is fantastic!


  1. Okay... soooooo I have a confession. I have a schticky. Because Sebastian got ridiculously pumped over the infomercial and bought it. The whole set.

    ...and it's the best thing ever. Don't judge. Hahaha.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA I'm desperately hoPing that the schticky was meant for me. Please say it was?! And those shoes are hot.

  3. Ummm, can I just say that your wedding outfit is HOT!!!! Love it :)

  4. Good for you for joining WW - I'm in my 9th week. The point system can be a little weird at times. And there are certainly things I don't agree with in the program {drink all the diet coke you want?!? Eat only non-fat/reduced fat dairy products??? Use a sugar substitute?} but it's working great for me so far. I've lost just over 9 pounds!

  5. 4 1/2" heels? Hot damn, lady! Can't wait until my healthy phase kicks in... still so crazy and yes I'm fully finding excuses!


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