Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Happy Sunday!  It's time for me to confess... to all of my pitfalls and little sins.  Because confession is good for the soul, and great blogging fodder.  What better to talk about than all of the ways that I am imperfect?

#1:  I am horrible at paying our Comcast bill:  Mostly because it's our only bill that pays out mid-month, and I always forget to send it.  In fact, there's one sitting next to me right now that's due Monday, and I haven't sent it yet.  Whoops.

#2:  I am also horrible at sending gifts/cards on time:  I really don't know what this is about.  I can send things that are "just because" in a timely fashion... but birthdays, anniversaries, holidays... always behind on those.  I'm terrible at it!  For instance, my friends' birthday was on the 7th, and her son's was on the 11th.  I bought cards for them on the 10th, and still haven't sent them out.  Forget Dog shaming, I need to be friend shamed.

The Evidence

#3:  Sometimes I decide where we will eat out based on ridiculous factors:  We went out to eat at Restaurant 415 in Fort Collins based entirely on the fact that it's owned by the parents of one of the contestants on Season 3 of The Voice.  They showed it in his audition intro, and I'd never seen it or heard of it.  So of course, we had to try it.  Flippin' amazing.  Best decision I've made based on a tv show about singing, no doubt about that.  I mean, look at this cupcake:

Blueberry buttermilk cupcake with mascarpone frosting
Yeah.  Awesome.

#4:  I have a hard time getting my schoolwork done:  The trouble with online classes is that you have extra flexibility about when and where you do your work.  Well, for me that translates into me spending a good part of my Sundays at the computer racing the homework deadlines for completion.  I'm usually so worn out during the week from work, workouts, and being a happy homemaker that I only get the bare minimum of studying accomplished in the week.

#5:  I already know that this week is going to be tough:  I work Monday - Thursday this week, then we leave on Friday for my cousin's wedding in Wichita.  That means that I have to have all of my homework done before we go.  In addition, I will have only had one day off for this weekend, so I will already be feeling stress and pressure in that area, and weddings are NOT relaxing affairs in my family.  They're darn near a 3 ring circus, in fact.  I should probably try to think positively about the coming week, but all I feel is stress and worry.

So there you have it, my confessions.  As always, I'm baring it all, and then sharing them thanks to my fave, Alyx.  Click the button to see more great confessions!


  1. im also TERRIBLE at sending out cards on time! i really hate that about myself. i need to like stock up on cards and prestamp them so that i literally have no excuse!!

    also, i really want to sign up to get a second master's by doing online classes but im trying to get situated in my new school first (im a teacher). i feel the same way about online classes though! so easy to procrastinate! i took one over the summer though and we had to meet online twice a week, webcams and mics and all that! it was fun!

  2. I never send cards on time.. sometimes not at all :( I'll buy them then forget.

    This week is going to be bonkers for me too. I am going back to school full time and working full time. I know what you mean about those online classes.. yuck. Hang in there :)

  3. hmmm...don't count on me for sending cards on time. just don't.

  4. I love number 3! At least it allows you to eat outside of the box! :)

  5. Haha #3 is awesome!
    And I totally know how you feel about # 4! It isn't easy!

  6. I see nothing wrong with your insane restuarant picking ways :) that seems completely normal to me

  7. I can relate to most of your confessions! Don't count on me to send a card or a gift on time either. We are headed to a wedding also next weekend and I still haven't gotten their gift yet!

    I'm a new follower and a former resident/student of Fort Collins!

  8. I pick restaurants for ridiculous reasons too lol. I would definitely go to one just because I heard about it on TV. That cupcake looks amazing!

  9. Cupcake is a big oh yes! And I am Rhe same way about cards.,I have two fathers day cards still on my desk. Oops. Save money for next year.

  10. I think #3 makes sense, sometimes things don't have to be so reasonable,

    have a great day.

  11. sniffle, sniffle... you will be in wichita without me. My life is over. Why does this always happen?? I'm somewhere one week, then you're there a few weeks later!!! We need to just match up at some point!

  12. I hate paying my internet bill.

    hate it.

    hey girl, you're great.


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