Friday, September 28, 2012

The power of TED

This year, I started hearing about this really cool conference that takes place each year in Monterey, CA.  It's called the TED conference.  From what I can tell, it is a meeting of some of the greatest minds of our society, getting together to talk about how to solve large-scale issues, and how to become even more successful in their personal areas of expertise.

This absolutely fascinates me.  What's even more interesting, these "greatest" minds didn't all necessarily study at the best colleges... they just have that something special, that something other that makes them uniquely suited to solving a specific set of problems.

My Managerial Finance instructor asked us to comment on this clip from TED, and I thought it was really interesting.  I hope you do too:

...Is anyone else super-jealous that the Technology, Entertainment, and Design nerds get to have these amazing conferences?  Well, I hope so.  But there is hope for the rest of us.  Because they upload the talks to you-tube, and let the rest of us share in the awesome.  The other clip I want to share with you is pretty long.  Almost 19 minutes.  Yet it's so powerful, so entertaining, so empowering, that I think it's worth a little bit of your time today.  If you don't have 19 minutes, at least watch the first 4 minutes, and the last 4 minutes.  Then let me know what you think.

I could seriously stay up all night watching these talks.  I am a total sucker for personal development, human connection, and anything nerdy.  I hope that the TED talks inspire you too.  Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. I love looove LOOOOVE TED talks! I linked to a couple of them in my about page I just love them so much, hahaha.

    It's awesome because you spend 20 minutes watching one of these videos, and all of a sudden you feel a little more informed about some pretty amazing things.

    Have an awesome weekend, darling! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Really some food for thought.

  3. thanks for this!
    now my brain is fuller than 22 minutes ago

  4. I've never heard of these but it sounds really neat! And in Monterey? Even better!

  5. I had heard something about this but not in much detail, thanks for sharing I will need to keep an eye out on youtube for more video's!

  6. OMG! I can't believe that you did a post about the TED Talks, especially since I got to film at the TED talks this last Feb!!!! As cool as the posts are online, they are even more amazing in person!!! There are actually many locations that host TED talks now a days, but the main one has actually moved to Long Beach so that they could hold more people and have recently added a space at Palm Springs that live feeds the talks as they are happening and have their own events and little talks. I had SO MUCH FUN! They are cool people. You should check out the little sizzle reel that the company did after we filmed there: If you want to know what it's like being there just give me a call :) V~


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