Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There's no calories on vacation

I would really like to find a Some E-Card that talks about how calories don't count when you're on vacation.  However, I realize that I would just be lying to myself, and then I'd have to hang my head in shame.  Really, my head should already be hung.

You see, I never had any intentions of watching my food and portions while we were out of town, so I didn't.  And I gained back the 4 pounds I had worked hard to lose.  Whoops.

But really, I don't feel bad.  They will, in fact, come off faster than the first time, so long as I get back on track right away.  I'm not giving up entirely on weight loss, because I want to be a hot honeymooner this time next year.  I just don't see the point in making myself feel left out at a wedding, because everyone else is having a great time and I'm eating baby carrots.  Not happening, ladies!

I got one amazing picture of some good, wholesome mid-western fare.  This was consumed Sunday morning, in hopes that it would help with the raging wine headache I had.  It didn't help with the headache, but it tasted darn delicious.

Chicken Fried chicken, hash browns, and 2 fried eggs.  What you're not seeing here is the biscuit and gravy that Ammon and I shared.  Don't worry, I only ate most of this.

I didn't take any other pictures of our food, but we did eat Indian food before heading out Friday, Chipotle twice, and Barbecue twice since Thursday night.  Part of me feels bad about this; I am trying really hard to exercise self control and improve myself.  The other part of me remembers that life is a balance, and that it's okay to go overboard every now and again, so long as I don't give up forever.  I like the second voice better.

So as of yesterday, I'm back on my plan.  Sometime during the weekend, a nerve in my shoulder pinched, and so I decided not to try working out yesterday.  I did, however, do my best to come in at or under my points goal.  Provided I'm feeling okay today, I'm going to try to run after work.  The weather is turning bad (rain/snow mix last night!), so it might just be time to head to a gym.  We've been playing with the concept of me buying a treadmill and setting it up where our dining room table is now.  We rarely use our dining room table, and we could always move the treadmill to set up the table on the rare occasion it's needed.  There are so many different choices, and I don't know what we're thinking on that front, but we need to make a decision either way soon!

Either way, I feel lighter for having made my confession, and it's nice knowing that I' back on track.  Hot honeymooner, here I come!


  1. Omg. give. me. that. chicken.
    It looks amazing and reminds me I need to cook breakfast right now, but it will taste no where as good as that chicken looks.

  2. I wouldn't stress out about it! The plan is for Sebastian and I to not eat ANY fast food until after our wedding... but on Sunday morning, I just couldn't resist indulging in a happy meal. Too many drinks the night before + greasy food the next morning = Happy Allie.

    And now, back to the plan. It's okay to give yourself a break sometimes :)

  3. holy crap that chicken looks good! and it's totally OK to "cheat" on vacation.

  4. Fall is the worst time of year to diet, it's impossible.

    I've been without candy for 3 weeks now, it devastates me at times, but I'm super strong n' stuff?

    You can get back on track, you can.. like I can start running again after I quit for 2 days. Pray for me because I effing hate it. Sorry for saying effing in my comment. 2x.

  5. Oh. M. Gee. That food looks delicious. Breakfast out gets me every time. We've talked about this before.

    Good for you for not beating yourself up. You need to enjoy life & LIVE, every once in awhile! = )

  6. I had country fried chicken at texas roadhouse this last weekend...soooo good. and YES, vacation doesn't count. :)

  7. Mmm....that made my tum tum growl! Sounds delish!

    And Kristen, let me tell you that you will be a hot honeymooner regardless of if you buy a treadmill or do weight watchers. BUT...I get your point, and it's good to have goals. It's especially good to have achievable goals, and I know you can do anything you put your mind to!

    SPEAKING of honeymooners, where are y'all at on the whole wedding thing?! I'd love to talk with you about it!!

  8. MMMMMMMM Yummy!!! That looks AMAZING.

  9. I always veg out on vacation too. And when ppl come here to visit. I just wish food didn't taste so damn good! And that breakfast looks so good I could lick this screen!


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