Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long weekends are long

Who officially thinks that the day after a long weekend is brutal?  I know I can't be the only one who suffers from this syndrome.  You feel so good, you're ready to go back to the office, and then it's like all you know what breaks loose, and you are caught up in a tidal wave of chaos and pandemonium.

I wish I had a picture of said tidal wave.  Maybe I'll draw one, and post it later this week.

Since I don't have anywhere else to go with that tidal wave business today, let's talk about my weekend instead.  It was 4 days of sheer awesome, mostly because I did very little that was of consequence.

Friday was mommy-daughter shopping day.  My mom found 3 dresses, and a pair of shoes, making her more than ready for the wedding in a couple of weeks.  I found sweater tights, an $8 weekend sundress, and frustration in the "cute dress for a wedding" category.  Negative on the shoes, too.  Womp, womp.  I felt wide, so we ate salads for lunch, then went to Costco.

People.  Costco shopping is quite possibly one of my favorite things.  All of that food in bulk form, just waiting to get in my belly.  Some of the items purchased during this trip:

--4 lbs of grapes, which are subsequently gone already.  Yes, already.  We have a small fruit addiction, what of it?
--5 lbs of baby carrots.  Those are not yet gone.
--4 lbs of quinoa.  I jumped up and down when I saw this.  Then I had to race to catch up with my mom, because she decided not to claim me in that moment.
-- A giant 2-pack (not to be confused with the deceased rapper) of all-natural peanut butter

-- A giant bottle of garlic.  I don't want those Cullens anywhere in my vicinity.
There was a bunch of other stuff, but it's pretty mundane.  I'll spare you, but only this one time.  Next time you'll get the blow-by-blow.  I wonder if I could convince my mom to vlog with me in a store?  That would be amazeballs.

Saturday was spendy.  We went to the REI end of season sale, and bought a Camelbak that wasn't on sale, and some Honey Stinger products that were on sale.  We paid our rent, even though I could have easily done that at work yesterday.  It's more fun to pay rent on your day off.  Then I went and got some gorgeous new tires put on my bike, using coupons from a Living Social deal.  BEST. DEAL. EVER.
Behold the new, puncture resistant tires!

I also decided to retire one of my running routes; it runs right behind Smashburger, and the smell is the most disgusting thing ever.  Worse even then the smell that lingers on the pizza delivery guy's shirt.

Don't date a pizza delivery guy if you have an acute sniffer.

But Sunday, Sunday was a blast.  I convinced Ammon to go on a hike to test out our new 100 ounce "all day" hydration pack.  We were so excited, I had to model it for you at the trailhead:

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this bad boy.  Now we just need to start doing hikes long enough where we actually need all of the pockets, storage space, and water that this pack has.

After getting our hike on, we decided to do as our fellow Coloradans do, and so we headed to our local microbrewery for some tastings.  I think the atmosphere of a microbrewery tasting room is pretty special; you find all kinds of people hanging out, and a lot of families bring their kids, too.  It's a happy, laid back kind on place.  I captured my new 100% favorite picture of Ammon (it's a repeat of yesterday, sue me)

People, as much fun as this weekend was, the pinnacle of the darn thin was the hairstyle I rocked for my Monday run.  It is the image I'll leave you with, as this post has dragged on long enough. It's your reward for letting your computer load all of the images before you got too impatient and moved on.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You are too cute! I seriously want to put you in my pocket and carry you around! Sorry the dress shopping was a bust :( And I can't believe 4 lbs of grapes are already gone!

  2. ooooh that giant tub of garlic looks awesome!!

  3. Please tell me you don't call your mom "mommy".........

  4. the first day back to work after a long weekend is BRRRUUUUUTTTAAAAALLLLL.

    there. it's official.

  5. you eat all that garlic and your not going to have to worry about birth control.


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