Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Friday, Field trip day!

Guys, this was a crazy long week for me.  Even though I only worked 4 days, and had tons of fun.  Recovering from a wedding is HARD.  But some really cool things happened this week, and I wanted to share.

1)  We decided that children are in our near future.
2)  This YouTube video.  It made me laugh hysterically.  It's irreverent.  You have been warned.
3)  Ammon officially started the job hunt, and his earning potential (from what we've seen so far) is substantial.  Woot Woot!
4)  So many people have told us how awesome our wedding was.  I have to agree, we threw down a pretty dang good par-tay.
5)  One word.  S'Mores.
I'm really hoping that Ammon and I will go to a brewery tonight after work... It's been far too long.  If we go, check back tomorrow for our highly official review!


  1. SMORES!!

    I could go for a smore right now.

  2. Good luck to Ammon for the job hunt. If he needs to commiserate with someone about how much it sucks...let me know :)

  3. Love this!! It took us like 6 months to recover from our wedding, ha ha! Good lucky to Ammon with his job hunting!


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