Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In which I interperet an 80's teen movie

In 10 days, I am marrying a guy who is perfectly, wonderfully suited to me.  His mama made him extra special, just for me.

And then just 9 days after that, I celebrate the day that I made my own grand entrance into the world.  28.  It seems totally unreal to me that this is already upon us.

My impending birthday has been overshadowed by the wedding this year.  I'm okay with that, it's not as if I want my birthday to have that much attention!  However, when even I forget about it, I think that's saying something about our current state of affairs.  It's all "16 Candles" up in here, except that I'm the bride and Molly Ringwald, all wrapped into one person.

While it's too much to hope that I'll be getting too many gifts this year, ya know, given the efflusive gifts already coming our way, I'm hoping I can treat myself to a new iPod.  Mine bit the big one a month ago, and it makes running no fun.  Can't imagine getting in long runs this summer without musical interference.

Also for my birthday, I would really love it if Ammon and I re-started our brewery tour.  I miss it a lot.  It's something to look forward to when it's Wednesday, and you just need some sort of shining beacon to move towards.

One for you, Glenn Coco.


  1. TEN DAYS?! When did THAT happen?! Holy smokes, lady! I'm so stoked for you! (And you'll be sooooo happy once you can have your life back again! Wooo hoooo!)

  2. You're getting married! Hooray! And definitely start your brewery tour again :)

  3. Married + birthday = fun times. Can you convince Ammon to change his birthday to June/July and then you can just get it all done at once??

  4. Yay, I can't believe the wedding is so soon! It's so exciting.

  5. Bah. So soon. I cannot wait!

    Also, Happy Early birthday! Don't worry, I will be emailing you on that day also!


    XO Lourdes

  6. Oh my good lord...are you SURE it's in ten days? Christ on the fricken' cross, I need to get my act together.


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