Monday, June 17, 2013

A big, big Revolt victory

I'm amazed I still know how to write a blog post, I'm so inconsistent these days.  I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not.  You will be sick of me as soon as this wedding thing cools off.

5 days, by the way.  5 days.

Not that I'm freaked out in the slightest by that particular factoid.

Today I'm talking non-scale Revolt victory.  A big one.  I decided not to do photos or weight this week, because they haven't changed.  Of course, you all know that this is on purpose, so I'm really glad about this news.  But that is not the victory I'm referring to.

So, remember how I signed up for a half marathon on August 10th?  Well, I guess I forgot too, because for 10 weeks or so now, I haven't run more than a mile.  And when I ran a mile, I had crazy blood sugar crashing issues.  Then I remembered that I'd paid money to run this thing in August, and I figured it might be a good time to do something towards that particular end.  So Saturday night, while Ammon worked away on wedding favors, I put on some pretty new workout clothes and set out to run around a local lake.  I estimated the run around the loop to be about 3.5 miles, and I was sincerely hoping to struggle through running 2 miles without a walk break.

The first 2/3 mile was absolute torture.  I was sure I was going to be walking the majority of the loop, or worse yet, turning around partway.  I told myself to make it to one mile.

At 1.4 miles, I started to feel okay.  I knew I was moving slow, and I knew that this would be a tortoise run.  But I was still going, so I decided to not knock it, and to accept whatever came.

Around 2.7 miles, I realized that I still hadn't taken a walk break yet, and that I was actually feeling like I could run at least a 5k.  This made me insanely excited to keep going, even though outwardly I'm sure I looked anything but excited.

3.11 miles.  Why not keep going and see where I get?  At this point, I figured I was close enough to finishing that I might run the whole way without a walk break.

At 3.8 miles, I seriously questioned the validity of that conjecture.  The longest I have EVER run without a walk break was 4 miles on a treadmill back when I was running 4 times a week.  By 3.8 miles, I realized that this run would be longer than 4 miles.

At 4.05 miles, I spotted my car.  I decided that it made no sense to be the girl who stops just shy of the goal.  I was going to do it, gosh darn it.

4.33 miles.  Owned.  In 50:14, no stops, no walk breaks.  My longest run to date.  All of that without having run any significant mileage in almost 10 weeks.

This is what Revolt Fitness gave me this week.  It gave me a victory that was tangible in a way that progress photos, or a number on the scale never will be.  It gave me physical evidence that I am changing my body in many ways.  At the end of 4.33 miles, I opened my legs up for a sprint, and still felt good at the end.  In fact, I may have been able to run for longer than 4.33 miles.  I don't know.  But I do know that there is no way I would have felt that strong without all of the cross training and careful nutritional monitoring I've been doing as part of the Revolt program.

And that, my friends, is a priceless non-scale victory.


  1. wahooo! I love this :) also - 5 days?~?~! Insanity!

  2. You are kicking ass! And coming from a non-runner, I am in awe and totally jealous of your skillz. (With a Z)

    Sending you high-fives! xx

  3. Woooooo hoooooooo! =) Good for you! And... a wedding gift progress report. It's finally done - just a little finishing up and then I'll be sending it along in the mail to you. Maybe in the next two weeks... better late then never, right?

  4. Congrats! That's an awesome accomplishment! :)

  5. This is so awesome! Congratulations! Well done.

  6. Love. You are a freaking champ!!! So proud of you! And can we just take a second to talk about how incredibly happy I am for you and Ammon?! Because I am so, so incredibly excited for the two of you to tie the knot. I wish I could give you a huge hug!

  7. holy moly - 5 days!!! That is so very exciting! And over four miles! You are a super hero!

    I have been so MIA lately. I'm going to go spend the next five hours stalking, I mean catching up on your life! :)

  8. Awesome Kristen!! This story makes me want to run. I've been slacking.


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