Monday, June 3, 2013

Bringing sexier back

Happy Monday, all you lovely people!

Monday means Revolt update day.  As you may remember from previous posts, my starting weight was 148.8 pounds.  As of week 5, I weight 143.0 pounds, a 5.8 pound difference!

Week 5 front view.  This week is week 6, so next week I'll have some side by side comparison pictures to share.

I feel like I should address magnitude of results for a minute.  A lot of my fellow Revolt bloggers have seen some INCREDIBLE results.  Weight loss in the double digits, a large percentage change in body fat, etc.  Next to their results, sometimes mine seem much smaller.  However, my results are smaller because proportionally, I am starting from a smaller place.  I was already following a low carb diet prior to Revolt.  I wasn't exercising as regularly as I would have like, but it was there too.  Because of these factors, it hasn't quite been the "kick" that somebody starting completely from scratch would see.  However, the changes I have seen are very significant.  My abdomen is flatter.  My waist is smaller.  My thighs almost don't rub together when I walk. 

Most importantly, Ammon sees a difference and he really likes it.  I'm the girl who cares less about what the scale says, and more about what the man friend says.  He loves the way my body looks when I work out.  He loves that "my muscles are pumped out, look how defined they get" thing.  We have discussed me working towards a figure or fitness modeling competition in the future.  It's something that would be totally out of my box, but so rewarding on many, many levels.  Can you imagine being confident enough to strut your stuff on stage in one of THOSE bikinis?  Holy cow!  And again, Ammon would get a huge kick out of it, so there is that to take into consideration.

Mostly right now, my main goal is to get into great shape, but not to get so lean that I can't get pregnant.  Back in the day, I was down to my lowest adult weight, about 135 lbs.  It was the best I've ever felt, and my body fat measured at 18%, considered "athletic".  However, I was always a hair-trigger away from entering the "danger zone" where amenorrhea becomes a problem.  I slipped in and out of that zone for a while at that weight, something I have to remain vigilant about, since Ammon and I are all about the babies =).  So in the coming weeks and months, something I am going to be extra careful about is finding a good balance between seeing results and going too far.  If I could get to this point again, I would be over the moon:

I miss those biceps.  Also, fun fact:  I had make-ups on my shins, because they were so bruised from all of the rock climbing that I did.  My friend Becca was pretty horrified when she saw my legs, and asked me to try to cover the bruises.  The photographer did a great job of photo-shopping the official photos, but you can still kind of see bruises in the unofficial photos.

How is your health and fitness journey going?  Are you seeing the results you expected?

Disclosure:  Revolt Now Fitness is providing me with a complimentary membership in exchange for me sharing my thoughts and results with you each week.  My opinions are exactly that, and have not been influenced by anyone.


  1. You look great! I feel the same way, I don't care about the scale, but rather what Andre' says and how I feel in my clothes.

  2. MmmmHmmmm - said in my best southern accent. You looking good, my dear! =) I love how Ammon is responding to your goals. Michael is JUST STARTING to be really vocal about my progress - nearly 40 pounds gone - but I love it when he slips it into conversation. And I kind of love how he gloats about me to all of friends. It's kind of embarrassing, but also kind of sweet.

  3. You look amazing!

    I don't even own a scale and so I only weigh myself like once a year these days. Mostly for me it's just about how I feel.

    I love how you and Ammon are so much on the same page when it comes to Babies and your fitness goals! It's so great.

  4. You're looking great; your waist is tiny! I started out similar to you, I was already eating well and exercising. I'm definitely not loosing crazy amounts of weight, but I don't want to :) I just love how toned I am getting again.

  5. Your doing so good girl! I hoping this detox week will make it even better!

  6. Look at you hot snot! I am so proud of you!


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