Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Currently ripping off...

In attempts to be a better blogger, I'm stealing prompts today that I saw on Michelle and Alissa's blog, but I guess originally came from a blog I don't read and a link-up.  Whatever.  I don't care about originality in anything other than my wedding at this point.  And even there it's getting doubtful that I have an original bone in my body.

Currently dreaming about:  Being married, and not having to wedding plan anymore.  Can you imagine the nightmare that would be never-ending wedding planning?  That must be its own special circle of hell, am I right?

Currently wishing for:  My Paid Time Off to magically kick in during the next week so that I don't have to take 6 days off unpaid.

Currently loving to wear:  Maxi dresses.  I am seeking ways to make them work appropriate, even.

Currently listening to:  The birds chirping outside my window.  It is pretty awesome.

Currently watching:  Community.  I'm halfway through the second season so far.  It's hilarious.

Currently Reading:  A fantasy-romance called Tairen Soul by C.L Wilson.  It's pretty good thus far.

Currently spotted:  pretty, pretty dotted swiss :-)

Currently loving:  My diet plan this week.  So much good food.  And that all of our friends and family are going to be with us in just a few days!

What are you Currently all about?


  1. I'm so mad I can't come! But.... the most beautimous wedding gift is NEARLY DONE and hopefully I'll get it in the mail to you next week. You know, so you can have it sometime NEAR when you get married. =)

    Been thinking about you a lot lately. I miss our google chats.

  2. I enjoyed wedding planning in the beginning but toward the end I was so over it. I just was so ready to be married and be done planning the one day. Your wedding will be fabulous though! I am currently still struggling to wake up early for my new shift. Currently debating about if I want to try and work out regularly for the first time in my life and currently deciding if I want lash extensions. So now you're caught up on my life! ;)

  3. Currently reading everything I can get my hands on. Currently training like crazy. Currently shopping, which I haven't really done in years. Love it :)

  4. ps: Currently you're not stealing this post idea...I think all bloggers do it...I'm actually at a loss for blog words today and was going to do one this week!
    Great "blogging" minds think alike, don'tcha know!?!

  5. Maxi dress + cardigan = work appropriate

    There is no relief like the end of wedding planning.

  6. maxi dresses are the best! I have exactly one and I need more in my life. I wore one recently to work on a Friday with a denim jacket and got a million compliments, so I say go for it!

    wedding planning gets SO OLD when you're this close to the day! I hope it goes by quickly, but not TOO quickly for you!

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com


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