Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sometimes it's okay to lie to yourself

I lie to myself several times a week.  Do you want some examples?  Yeah, I know.  Silly question.

The Lie:  Those won't really taste that good.  And you don't want to feel like crap afterward, so step away.

The Truth:  Those effing cookies are delicious.  And in the end, you won't mind feeling like crap, because you had a damn cookie.

The Lie:  Mmmmmm, salad.  Yum!

The Truth:  AGAIN???  You just had salad with lunch.  This is ridiculous.  Where are the cookies???

The Lie:  I'm only drinking wine tonight, so nothing can get THAT out of hand.

The Truth:  God Bless Ammon, he's going to have one hell of a night.  And I'm going to be useless in the morning.

The Lie:  I only need to run for "X" number of minutes, and after that, I can walk my remaining mileage.

The Truth:  Oh, who are we trying to kid???  As soon as you've recovered, you're doing it again.  Really, Kristen, you're too competitive to walk for that long.  And that's if you're feeling lazy.  If you're feeling good, you're running X+2, because you like bringing pre-algebra into your daily workouts.

There are more lies I tell myself, but these are some of the big ones.  What lies do you tell yourself?


  1. You know how this would be not a lie? Running with cookies and wine in hand. Boom! Your welcome.

  2. I agree. Run with cookies. Tow birds, one stone. Also, the algebra made me laugh.

  3. I tell myself that I will feel better if I don't work out... LIE! I always feel better when I do that darn workout.

  4. I lied to myself last night AND tonight when I told myself pizza and ice cream are vegan. Then I ate them both. Two nights in a row. And I feel like dying, but it was oh so worth it.

  5. That it won't matter if I don't work out. It matters.


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