Thursday, April 18, 2013

A few remarks probably best left unsaid

My head runneth over with allergies and congestion, so today I'll keep my remarks brief.  

First off, to the makers of Mucinex:  Your products are not strong enough for my spring allergies, and that pisses me off.

To the makers of NyQuil:  God bless you people.  Even if I'm not technically breathing while I'm sleeping, you knocked me out for 9 hours Tuesday night.  That is remarkable.


To the makers of tissue:  I'm still waiting for you to deliver a product that does not turn me into Rudolph.  Is that really so much to ask for???

To the makers of Emergen-C:  Your tangerine flavor is no bueno.  Super Orange and Raspberry are bomb, though.

To the writers of "Community":  That's funny stuff.  I just started with the pilot a few days ago, and I'm sad that I never tried this show before.

To my treadmill:  Sorry you haven't gotten any action lately.  Once I can breathe again we'll be changing all that.

To the weather:  You can suck a fish, okay?  This is nonsense.  It's April, for cripes' sake.

To early work shutdowns:  You kind of rock.  I had no idea.

To the old Asian man that makes my Pho:  You are a god in my eyes, and I just love you.

To the big knot on my leg:  Yes, it was not a good idea that I bashed my leg into the corner of that filing cabinet.  But really, you don't have to be so nasty about things.

To Friday:  You aren't coming nearly soon enough.  This girl needs some brewery time, stat.


  1. I took Panadol cold and flu last week to try and lower my fever (which is basically just Tylenol cold and flu) and my fever INCREASED. Oy.

    Also, I made the switch to handkies, and I find my nose is less red. I hope you feel better soon. allergies/congestion are just the worst.

    And seriously, what could you be allergic too if there is all that snow on the ground?

  2. oh no - sorry you're feeling so bad. at least it's almost Friday! keep the Nyquil flowing!!

  3. It's Friday tomorrow! Almost there!

    Hopefully you start feeling better for the weekend!

    Xo Lourdes

  4. My allergies haven't been quite that bad... Yet. But I feel your pain lady. It's no fun. Hope you start feeling better soon! And I've never seen Community, but yeah, that looks hilarious! And you know this, but I'm with you on the dang snow. So. Done.


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