Friday, April 26, 2013

Fit & Healthy Friday #2

Guys.  There was not a dang thing "healthy" about April.  So sorry to say.  Nope, I take that back.  Not one bit sorry.  April was dang hard for me.  But I'll still break it down and show you just how not productive this was.  And how May is going to be different.


1) Wake up at 5:45am M-F and do at least 3 miles running/walking each day.
Not even close.  Did it the first week, then my IT bands were unbearable.  Then I couldn't wake up.  Then I quit having the ability to breathe.  I've kind of rebounded and done 2-3 workouts a week the last 2 weeks, but I got way the heck off track for a week and a half, and it KILLED me.

2) Foam roll my hips, IT bands, glutes, hamstrings, and calves 2x/week after my workout
I do this about 50% of the time after working out, which is pretty good in my book.  But not 2x a week.

3) Do a 60 minute yin yoga practice every Saturday.
I totally forgot.  This didn't happen once.

4) 20 minute fun workout on Sundays.
Yeah, not so much.  It would be great if homework on the computer counted as physical activity.  I did walk to/from coffee with a friend on one Sunday, so that's something.

What's happening in TRL hq in May:

Big things are happening around here!  About a month ago, I was invited to do a 12 week review of Revolt Fitness. In exchange for my actual opinions, Ammon and I are being granted free access to 2 6 week "Uprisings", weekly diet and exercise plans.  This starts on Monday, April 29, and we are pretty stoked!  Last night we took our before pictures... and our weights.  The program asks that you also take measurements and body fat (caliper method), but I just wasn't there.  We will probably start that with the first or second week.  But for now, I'll give you a couple of before pictures to feast your eyes on.

Once a week, I'll be recapping our progress, favorite part of the week, and any pitfalls.  I know those recap posts can be dry for some people, so I'll do my best to make them fun at the same time!

Also going on, my work is hosting a 12 week walking program that started April 19, going through July 5.  My goal is to kick some butt and take names.  However, a week in and I'm in the middle of the pack.  Time to turn up the volume.

Additionally, I have to start half marathon training in May.  I have been awful about figuring out when exactly I need to start, but it's soon...

Do you get the feeling that I have a lot going on fitness wise?  Me too...

How was April for you health/fitness wise?


  1. Your goals are great goals to keep in line with your new programs!! Just keep pushing, and everything will work together in such a great way! Thanks for linking up, and here's to May :)


  2. Honestly my April was pretty bad fitness-wise too... I committed to a Body Pod challenge and then proceeding to pretty much stop working out for a while... Oops. I only snuck in two workouts this past week :( I'll pick up again this week, I promise!
    Don't get too down on yourself :)

  3. Running hurts my knees and lower legs so badly... any tips for a new runner?

  4. I'm sorry, but you're first goal made me snort! All I could think was, "Yeah, right... like that's ever going to happen in this household!" While I'm awake at that time, I can't get myself out of bed that early!!! It's impossible!!!
    Here's to a better May! (My April was dismal... at best).

  5. Can't wait to see how Revolt works for you guys! I was way to scared to try!

  6. April was a bit of a disaster for me fitness wise too. I was so sick for two weeks that I only went to yoga 2 times (I normally go 5 times a week... so 1 time a week was just not cutting it). But I'm back on track now.

  7. Good luck with the new program! I can't wait to read about it. I've never even heard of it. And... my health goals were all mental health stuff, and I failed at all of them. =( Plus, I might have hoovered 4 enormous chocolate chip cookies yesterday.

  8. Ok so if I was caught up on your blog like a good friend I would have seen this before I commented on your last post. I can't to see your results!


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