Saturday, April 13, 2013

Equinox Brewing

I've been a bad blogger lately, but I have not been a bad beer drinker.  While we took a week off of our brewery tour last week for the bridal shower, we were back in the saddle last night, and we took on a Fort Collins favorite:  Equinox Brewing.

I can't even pretend we disliked anything about this place.  They had live bluegrass playing.  It was the right amount of busy.  College professors were milling around, and proudly filling growlers to the brim.  The beers, all of them, had the right amount of flavor.  Ammon proclaimed it his very favorite place we have been so far, and while there are specific beers I might like slightly more at other breweries, I have to agree that for the overall experience and quality, I am sold on Equinox.

As per usual, we got the Sampler.  We picked their standard, and tried their 6 flagship beers.

From Left to Right:  Sunrise Golden Ale, Vernal Hefeweizen, Haver Scottish Ale, Night Ryder Munich Dunkel, Universal Porter, and Zenith IPA.

This is THAT tasting tray, where whichever beer you are currently drinking is your "favorite" beer of the tray.  The Golden Ale was a big hit with my gorgeous bridesmaid Emily, who tends to never drink beer, but when she does, she drinks Bud Light.

Ammon finally decided that his for real, no doubt about it favorite beer of the evening was the Scottish Ale.  It is the darkest beer he has ever loved, and I couldn't be more proud of him than I am right at this very second.

And for me, the Dunkel Ale won the day.  I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but this is my 3rd or 4th "dark beer favorite" now on this tour, and I think it's official:  I am a dark beer girl.

They offered the cutest little 10 ounce glasses of beer in the whole entire world, and Ammon and I couldn't resist having just a smidge more of our favorite beers while we held hands.  Okay, we didn't really hold hands for anything more than the picture.  But it sounds sweet, right?

The other upside to mini-beers is the price:  At $3 a piece, you feel like you're stealing from them a little bit, and it's honestly the exact amount of beer we crave.  Good call, Equinox.  Good call.

It might be a few months before we get back here, but we will be back.  They pass the "would we buy a growler here?" test with flying colors, and if it weren't for our relentless pursuit of trying all of the Colorado greats, this would be our new Friday night hangout.  So if you're in Fort Collins, and looking to give some delicious darker beers a try, call Ammon and I up.  We'd love to share a pint with you at Equinox.

**Disclaimer**  Equinox Brewing did not provide us any compensation for this post, nor did they even ask me to write it.  We're just big fans of what they're doing.

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