Monday, April 15, 2013

I shouldn't be allowed to do this

I really shouldn't be allowed to write a weekend wrap-up.  If you guys really knew me, you might better understand.  We are so boring it isn't funny.  Yeah, we go to breweries on Friday nights, but that is typically the most interesting thing we do ALL WEEK.

Photographic proof that we aren't entirely antisocial.

And I should probably now admit to my antisocial boringness just so you fully comprehend why I don't tend to talk about my weekends.

I work most Saturdays.  This weekend I went into work 2 hours early.  Yup, 2 hours.  Willingly.

I don't even remembered what happened Saturday after work, except that I talked Ammon into buying me frozen yogurt at 9 o'clock at night.

Sunday I woke up dying of an allergy attack.  So I did what any person would do, and I spent 2 hours doing Accounting Fundamentals homework.  We got lunch at our favorite Nepali buffet, and then I came home and slept on the couch for 2 hours.

We rounded out the day with a couple of hours of Payroll Accounting, and now I'm doing a marathon catch-up of "1600 Penn".  It makes me so happy.

I can tell that you are all jealous right now.  I can tell that you all want to come be my best friends, right?  Some days I don't know why anyone reads this blog.

Provided I get enough antihistamine and decongestant into my system, tomorrow promises to be much better.  Please come back.  I love you all.


  1. This is like, the greatest post ever.
    I giggled through the entire thing.
    you know I will be back.

  2. Lol wow, your life sounds just about as boring as ours. The highlight of our weekend? Buying a new lawn mower and a bunch of yard tools to attempt bringing our lawn back to life after last years drought.

  3. Well, I think my weekends are just as boring if not more so. Truth.

    I didn't leave the house this weekend. I literally did not step outside the door (except for once when I was chasing the kitty that comes to visit in my pajamas and a guy walked by and said "is that your cat" and I said "no..." awkward.

  4. don't worry, I fell asleep at like 9 on Friday night, only got up to take a shower, and went promptly back to bed shortly after lol.

    - Val @

  5. I don't work or do homework on the weekends, but my weekends are equally as boring. I promise.


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