Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Spring?

So, listen guys; I know that most of y'all are posting pictures to Insta, showing the first flowers of the season, wearing your spring frocks in OOTD posts, and all that generally accepted spring crap.

I'm dealing with a forecast showing 20+ inches of snow in the forecast.  Count them, it's almost 2 feet.  It's Monday evening as I write this, and man... it's fun to get a snow day from work (we were sent home at 3 today), but shouldn't we be doing this stuff in February???

I have to say though, that on this 22nd anniversary of me being a Colorado resident, I am remembering that this is the same weather that greeted us all of those years ago.  My brother's birthday is April 30, and one of my first really vivid CO memories is of snow on his 3rd birthday, and my mom taking us out to make snow angels.  We had never done that before, seeing as how we'd moved from Central CA, where a "cold" day might have been 45 degrees or so.

Or how about how my mom and I got back from IN in May of 2007 after my college graduation, and it snowed 2 days later?  Or snow at 10,000 ft on the 4th of July (more than once)???

I guess I'm trying to talk myself into remembering that this is normal and natural.  That it's totally fine to have snow when everyone else is seeing flowers, because we generally have great weather up until Early November.  And then I look outside, and the grumbling starts all over again.  I long for the mornings where I won't have to scrape ice/snow off my car, and for the days when we will need neither the heat, nor the A/C.  I long to see delicate blooms pop up in cheery spring colors.  I long to drive past the college campus and see the sorority girls studying in their bikinis, just like I did.  Those are the signs of spring that I long for.

In the meantime, cross your fingers for me that I'm in the middle of another snow day.  Nobody wants to be driving in that mess.


  1. Oh god...I will stop complaining about our weather. It is much worse in CO...just saw that the Rockies got snowed out of their baseball game. Wtf April?

  2. watching the snow fall as I type.
    this is getting out of hand. I appreciated the snow cancelling the paving this weekend, but now all it's doing is making sure I work every Saturday and Sunday til this job is over.

  3. yikes! whenever I go on to the weather channel's website, I see this big red warning about snow in your area and I feel so bad :( fingers crossed for a snow day!

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

  4. This is the exact reason I left CO and moved to CA! Random blizzards in March and April are the worst! Try to stay warm and drink lots of hot coco!

  5. oh... april. while we certainly don't have an extra 20 inches of snow in New England, it's not uncommon for snow in april. but i feel your pain. =(

  6. I hope it melts fast! I've only been on maybe 2 good bike rides so far this year, it's been slow to transition to spring here too!

  7. I begged for snow this year and all we got was maybe 2 inches total. That's not even enough to make a wing on an angel.

  8. That's crazy! It's officially summer here. It was 90 yesterday. And no I am not bragging. I hate the heat!

  9. Yeah for a CO spring ;) It's snowing right now by me, actually!

  10. WOW... i have never spent more than a day in LIGHT snow. So, I think this sounds fun. BUT everyone tells me that I would hate it if I actually lived in snow.

    XO Lourdes


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