Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thoughts on time management

I believe that people have a lot of confusion and misconceptions about what they are able to get done in their lives.  I hear people say that they simply don't have time to get their ish done.  I say it too.  And then somehow, magically I manage to get it done.  Half of the time, I don't know how I do it.  Other times, I can see the patterns and the reasons why I can do more than I think.

Now this post has the potential to be really hardcore and serious.  If y'all are into that, we'll go there sometime.  I'm good with that if you are.  But today is more about the fun side of time management, so take my advice as it begs to be taken:  with a lick of salt and a wedge of lime.

1)  Ignore your co-workers (or co-lifers) during your most productive time of day.  Mine is anytime before 11am, and during that time, I just act like I hate everyone and everything about mornings.  It's like the bend and snap... works every time =)

2)  Bribery.  Not others, although I hear that can work wonders as well.  Nope, bribery of self.  Wine after homework.  Cooking shows while on the treadmill.  Afternoon chocolate if I can be nice to people.  Without these little bribes, I wouldn't get nearly as much done.

3)  Pessimism.  Oh, just lay that on me.  Lay it on thick.  I will destroy you and your pessimism, and I'll giggle all the while.  I don't care if I don't sleep for 4 months in the pursuit.  I've done it before, and I'll damn sure do it again.  Watching someone realize that I've done something nobody else thought was possible is tastier than barbecue AND froyo for me.  And guys, I really, really, really love both of those things.  My parents told me that I wouldn't survive one week in the ROTC program.  When I resigned from the program after 3 semesters, I was at the top of my class, I had arranged some big events for the detachment, was working part time, and had maintained a decent GPA.  No, I didn't sleep much those 3 semesters.  But I crammed more into that time then most people cram into 3 years of college life.  All because people told me I wouldn't be able to hang.

Source: via Shan on Pinterest

4) There is no Earth-shattering secret, there is only hard work.  I get the things I get, and I see results because I don't sit around waiting for an easier way.  I start.  If something improved comes along, I adapt.  But I don't research something to death, or wait around for a "big thing" if there are things in life that matter to me.  It's how I know that something is good.  I research bad ideas to a slow and painful death.  I jump in headfirst into things that matter, and I learn as I go.

Like wedding dress construction.  Lord help me.  The good news is, it's too big!

I realize this somehow is still serious.  These are all legit techniques I employ to master time management.  I keep negative nay-sayers around to drive me forward.  I bribe myself.  I rush into things, because it means that I take that crucial step of starting.  I ignore people when I'm in the zone.   However, the results speak for themselves.  And I really, really love when that happens.


  1. Bribery of yourself: I like it! I need to make that more of a thing. And I need to stop bribing myself with chocolate :)

  2. I bribe myself often! "Clean the kitchen, then you can watch your show on the DVR" is the most common one.

    As for being productive at work? Hmmm, I think I'm more productive in the afternoon. In the morning I'm too busy blogging, like I am right now :)

  3. Dude, pessimism drives Zac so hard and I hate it. It's like, the only thing that convinces him to do anything is that people don't believe in him or tell him he can't. I am so bad at self-bribing. I have no idea how I accomplish anything. When I look back on the last 5 years, I just say "I had to." and that's how it got done. *sigh* I am, however, impressed that you can just shut people out when you're being productive. That is an amazinnnnnnnng skill.

  4. I had an epiphany yesterday.
    Like I said in my blog post today, I've been doing P90X. And if I'm going to have the motivation to do it, I have to do it the second I walk in the door. If I sit down for even a minute, there goes that work out. haha
    So I did my work out yesterday (barely survived) then I had to run to the grocery store to get healthy things, then I had to pick up Landon, then we got home and went on a walk for about 20 minutes, then I got home and prepared a delicious lunch for today (and I forgot to bring it)(words cannot describe my self-hatred right now), had some dinner and wrote a blog post. AND IT WAS ONLY 8 OCLOCK when all that was done. I didn't know so much could be accomplished. And it's all because of my love for the internet and afternoon naps.

    I'm turning over new leaf, I tell you.
    Great things are about to happen.

  5. First, I totally think you should wear the vintage bed sheet to the wedding. Second, I want the salt and the lime. Right now. Third, you are cracking me up with this post! Fourth, I am also a morning person and detest that my boss feels the need to attack me at 8:32 every morning with work to do. Just lay off bucky, and let me do my thing. I don't want to see you until after lunch. Don't get in my face, don't sing me a song or show me a dance about how your business plan is the best thing ever. Because I'm not allowed to bring cocktails to work and I can't deal with your shit until after 1 PM.

    I try to stay a bit away from self bribery, as it often comes in the form of cookies, ice cream and cheese balls. And none of those things are awesome choices for me. If I'm in a good mood, and feeling like I can take on the world, then the world had better watch out. If I'm stressed and moody, my kitchen better watch out - because I clean like a demon when I'm worked up.

    Good mood = productive and nice at work
    Bad mood = less productive, extra bitchy, and I will go home and clean or eat. I try to stick to cleaning.

  6. Why is it that the whole time as I was reading this post, I was singing that MC Hammer song in my head, "2 Legit, 2 Legit to Quit"?
    Maybe 'cause you are too legit? or you hit the nail on the head yet again!
    Bribery...check! and tell me I can't do it - lord help ya 'cause I'm going to prove ya wrong.
    Thanks again for another inspiring know what I need to hear when I need to hear didja do that?!

  7. For me the biggest thing about time management isn't being real - most of the time when I say " I don't have time to do that" what I'm really saying is that "I don't want to do that." It's a crucial distinction but one I think others also don't make :)

  8. I am a fan of bribery to myself... and I'm like you. If people tell me i can't do something, it just makes me want to prove that I can.


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