Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Loveland Aleworks

Well hey there, party people!  I hope your day has been just great.  Today we're talking about beer.  As I've mentioned before, Colorado practically wrote the handbook for microbrewing, and my family has a long history of supporting that particular movement.  While my parents love beer, it isn't something I had gotten too into until recently.  However, in an effort to try new things, Ammon and I decided to embark on an adventure of tasting the best brews our area has to offer, and then reporting in all of our findings.  We decided to kick off our new venture close to home at a newer brewery, Loveland Aleworks.

This place is new on the scene.  We happened upon it while on a walk one night, and resolved to give it a try.  And boy, am I ever glad we did.  Wanna know about it?  Click on the video to hear about our thoughts!

I got a hair cut yesterday... I should really start paying more than $14 a pop.  Tangent ended.

And now for the promised pictures...

Our first set of 4 tasters... I was really proud of the variety we selected!  From left to right:  Saison, Imperial Stout, Belgian Blonde, and Blackberry Wit.  Not pictured:  the American Sour Ale.  That came later.

We decided to order full pints of the Sour Ale (left), and the Blackberry Wit.  Don't you love their glassware?

Ammon has really deep thoughts about his beverages.  Here he is considering the flavors of the Blackberry Wit.

As I said before, we are eager for suggestions of local area breweries to hit up!  If you know of any in the Fort Collins/Boulder/Denver area, please let us know!

For those of you that don't drink beer, I promise brewery reviews will only be once a week or so.  I hope they don't bore you too much, as they make us very happy =).


  1. ahhh you're making me jealous with all these breweries so close to you! the blackberry wit sounds like absolute perfection, mmmm!

  2. We have one little brewery in the BIG town next to us, and it's building is the old post office. It's a really lovely building. I took Michael there last year for his birthday and we each had a beer sampler. It was epically fantastic. I may need to repeat this adventure in May for his birthday this year...

  3. My husband and I recently checked out Stranahans whiskey distillery in Denver and followed it up with Breckenridge Brewery which is down the street. Totally awesome! Also, Golden City Brewery is a hit. Happy Drinking!

  4. look at you, little miss vlogger! what a fun post! my husband is the risky one when trying beers, he would LOVE being so close to so many awesome breweries. I on the other hand get nervous haha.

  5. My boyfriend would love this. I am adding this brewery to our list of places to visit!

    XO Lourdes

    PS... I love the glassware!


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