Friday, March 29, 2013

Fit & Healthy Friday

I don't think I have ever been so happy in my life to see a Friday.  Man, these last 2 weeks at work have been brutal.  I'm hardly even considering the rest of my life these days.  One mess at a time.  However, my good buddy Heather over at The Life Unexpected asked us all to link up about how we met our health and fitness goals for the month of March.


I had one goal.  That goal was to complete 20 minutes of continuous physical activity every day for the entire month.  It sounded really small, really insignificant, but I knew it would be hard for me to do.  I have a harder time getting up and doing something small.  I don't see the point, and I would much rather save up my workouts and do much longer ones.  Carve out the time for the 2 hour bike ride, or the 45 minute run.  Those things feel worthy.  But 20 minutes???  Why the heck am I changing my clothes and my shoes for 20 minutes???

All in all, I did... alright with my goal.  So far this month I completed 23/28 days.  That's an 82.14% success rate.  Clearly, I did not make the honor roll this month, just the honorable mention.

For me, it comes down to the fact that I didn't have a good plan for what I would do for those 20 minutes.  It wasn't "I'll go for a walk every Monday, a jog Tuesdays...", it was to do just do whatever struck me that day.  I had hoped for running, but I figured that wasn't feasible for me, and I was right.  The weather roller coaster sent my knee into a tizzy that had me afraid to run for fear it would get worse.  My running has improved dramatically, though.  I can consistently for for about 20 minutes now, up from the labored 5 that it was at the end of February.  We're going to call that a massive win.

So as far as setting April goals, I decided to not be quite so vague.  It's time to ramp up my running so that I'm ready for official half-marathon training when it comes.  I need to be able to run 3 miles consecutively to have the needed fitness level.  To that end, in April I will:

  1. Wake up at 5:45am Monday-Friday to complete at least 3 miles of walking and/or jogging each day
  2. Foam roll my hips, IT bands, glutes, hamstrings, and calves 2x/week after my workout
  3. Do a 60 minute Yin Yoga practice every Saturday
  4. Enjoy myself on Sundays, be it a 20 minute Zumba workout, a walk with Ammon, or a bike ride.  Nothing fancy, but a girl's gotta move.
It's a pretty intense April schedule, but I'm really looking forward to a plan that can keep me on track, and moving towards my goals.  I also think that it's going to be so rewarding to see all of those miles start to stack up! 

What about you?  Did you have a goal for March?  Did you meet it?  Do you have goals for April?  Link up with everyone so that we can share in this awesomely supportive community with you!


  1. I love these specific goals. I was just thinking that to myself too the other night - like oh shit I have a 5k in like a month, I can't just show up to the gym and move for 30 minutes anymore, I have to actually do stuff. And to that end, I made goals weekly. My 5k *may* be wicked brutal, but goddanng it I will finish it! :)

    Good luck! And if you need an early morning text, 5:45 isn't so bad EST :)

  2. I think I need to go the same route with scheduling a specific times to do stuff based on my work schedule (I have the schedule a month+ in advanced). I tend to do the same thing with the 20 minute workout idea, that it's a hassel to get ready for JUST 20 minutes...I need to get over that lol

    Make sure you link up your post on the hop :) The linky widget is at the bottom of my post!

    Much Love!

  3. I really need to focus on the exercise aspect of getting healthy but the truth is... unless its walking then I hate it. LOL. My biggest hurdle is that I get up at 4 am... so by the time I get home at 5 pm, I usually just want to eat dinner and crash for the night!

    Thanks for joining us! :)

  4. I think a solid B average is good! =) Maybe not honor roll, but working crazy amounts of OT can really wreck plans. I'm working on setting up my April goals, but week 1 is no more gossip.


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