Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm a lazy Monday blogger

Well, hey, there!  You made it to Monday!  Yippee Skippee.  I'm still in the middle of weekend greatness.  I know, I know, most of you are growling at me, but please remember that I worked all day Saturday... so we're even-Steven as far as I'm concerned.  Since I'm still in full-force weekend mode, AND I blogged on Saturday (since I'm now a Saturday beer blogger, dontcha know?), I figured I would sit back and let my friend Marianna do the talking.  Guys, this girl is the REAL DEAL, sweet, adorable, fun blogger.  So don't do any exiting, or skipping of this post.  Let her say hello, and then go and visit her blog.  I know that you will love her lots.  Over to you, Marianna!


Hello, all you Radiant readers!

I'm Marianna. And that's my sweet puppy Willow.
When we're not busy dressing up as cute little piggies,
we blog over at Delightfully Dunn
Actually, I do most of the blogging. 
Willow just likes to snuggle down beside me.

I have recently fallen in love with Kristen and her blog
and feel so honored that she has let us take over her little piece of blogland today.

I don't know about y'all, but blogland seems to be under some serious stress lately.
with this whole Google Reader fiasco.
(Honestly, I don't even know what it's all about.
Any and all information I've received on the matter has been from my Twitter newsfeed,
which as legit as that is,
I'm still taking it all with a grain of salt.)

I do, however, know a few things about stress.
So me and blogland are sort of on the same page right now.

I'm a teacher by day (to 22 cutie patootie first graders)
in a veryyyy small, cornfield town
and a sleeper by night (because those cutie patooties are exhausting).

Somewhere between teaching and sleeping, 
I find time to blog.

And drink wine apparently - one of the many things Kristen and I have in common.

I desperately wanted my blog to have some type of "theme"
before getting started officially.
And while I do occasionally blog about the fun things going on in my classroom,
or DIY home renovations,
or even the trials and tribulations of a new marriage,
(Kristen - this is where the wine becomes even more necessary.)

I usually just end up blogging about random things
like how I pretend to exercise so I can run errands looking like a bum
or any and everything involving my dogs.

Either way, I think my little piece of blogland is a pretty fun place to be!
Stop by and check it out for yourself!



  1. thanks for letting me hang out today! :)

  2. Blogging about random things is one of my favourite kinds of blogs :)

  3. Well the great thing is you guys have your watches set to wine thirty.


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