Monday, March 4, 2013

Prairie dogs have sister wives

It's totally true.  Ammon and I learned this yesterday while on a walk through open space.  Ammon likes to read things.  Anything.  Signs, placards, you name it, that boy is reading it.  Prairie dogs also have designated bathroom areas in their dens.  Their homes are single family units, housing one male, his "harem", and their offspring.  Just a little something that kings of the old testament, Kody Brown, and prairie dogs all have in common.  How's that for a fun fact or two on a Monday?


So, Monday... this is my working Monday.  Joy of all joys.

For my one day weekend, we spent the whole entire thing running around.  First church, lunch at our favorite Nepali buffet, then wedding meetings with our officiant and our DJ.  Oh yeah, we also did a 20 minute walk and I bought a running belt.  What a crazy day.  It called for coffee.  5 cups to be exact.  De-flippin-licious.

It was the first time I'd had my favorite Corner Bakery Hazelnut Creme coffee in over 3 months.  I just couldn't help myself.

This week has every indication of being busy too.  My March goal is to do a minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity each day.  I have been absolutely sucking at working out the last few months, and this is my best idea for trying to get back on track.  So far, so good.  Between this, work, wedding planning, and school, I don't anticipate having tons of free time.  But rest assured, my lovies, you won't miss out on awesome adventures involving wine at home while I sit on the couch watching Downton Abbey.  I wish Mr. Carson were real so that he could help me arrange my upcoming wine selections.  Man has skills.

That's all i have for you today.  Wine, Carson, and polygamist rodents.  I think it's a rather fitting start to the week, don't you agree?  Have a good day lovies!


  1. Whenever we would go visit my grandparent's in Colorado, there was this one rest stop we would always stop at because the Prairie Dog population was like, ridiculous. We always made sure to pack a bag of baby carrots to feed the little guys. I know, I know, what is it with me and rodents. Couldn't tell you honestly.

  2. I still don't understand why Sister Wives is still on TV - haven't they all been arrested yet, because polygamy is illegal? Whatevs. Enjoy your wine!

  3. Twenty minutes is soooo doable! Stick with it :)
    Sometimes I wouldn't mind having a sister wife... Someone to share cooking/cleaning/laundry duties? I'm all for that! Haha ;)

  4. It's just that prairie dogs are adorable.

    It would be nice to have Downton Abby staff to help make everything for the wedding not just pick the wine. Le sigh.

  5. They do! I love random facts. I read everything too. I even read the soap and shampoo bottles in the shower.

  6. thats so cool about prairie dogs. and 20 mins is doable- i need to do that too! haha

  7. Bahahahaha... The picture of "Sister Wives" vs the picture of Prarie dogs. Cannot breathe...laughing so hard!

    XO Lourdes

  8. This made me laugh! So prairie dogs are where we got the phrase "ho dawgs" from.

  9. I need a Carson in my life, too. And hilarious about the prairie dogs. I am so grossed out by Kody. Ick.

    Mmmmm coffee. Only one cup so far this morning. I'm about to go change that :)


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