Thursday, March 7, 2013


Ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing goes correctly?   Dudes and dudettes... as I write this, I am having one of those days (this is Wednesday).  So on this Thursday, I am declaring that the following stupid Wednesday happenings will not dull my sparkle:

1)  The fact that I incorrectly made the same lease 6 times at work.
2)  The fact that the above mentioned lease is still not made.
3)  The fact that a tenant stopped me today while I was out being a creeper to tell me that one of his neighbors isn't picking up after their dog... but wouldn't say which one, and that we just had to "figure it out, because he wasn't going to tattle".  So helpful, dude.  Really, I can magically know exactly which neighbor you're complaining about, it isn't as if we have 285 apartments all clustered together.  Thanks a lot for telling me something I already know.  Now tell me why there's a fire truck parked behind one of the buildings, and I'll get excited.

4)  The fact that I came home and was ready to take my payroll accounting test... and I only got a 68.7%???  Then I go into the website our discussion forums are on, only to find out that the tax tables provided in the test are incorrect, and we need to use the ones in our book.  So I have to now re-take the test.  That was a waste of an hour and a half...

Way to be jerks, Cengage.  Way to be.

5)  The fact that hulu+ decided to stop working halfway through the episode of "Smash" that I was watching.

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

I'm going to go pour myself a glass of something that sparkles.  It's the only way I can bring back the sparkle at this point.

Wednesday, you big, fat jerk.  You're trying to pull a flipping Thursday on me.  I don't appreciate that behavior, and I expect an apology ASAP, preferably in the form of a better than average Thursday.  It isn't too much to ask, so make it happen, okay?

Have a wonderful day, ladies!


  1. yikes! I hope your Thursday is much better than your Wednesday!

  2. oh dear.... i'm sorry you had such a rotten, no good, very bad day. but the dog poop comment made me laugh. and, no offense, so did the lease. because i've totally been there. =) you are never alone.

  3. Yikes. I really hope your Thursday is a much better day!!! :)

  4. Ughhh the worst. I'm so sorry! Hopefully today is infinitely better!!

  5. Wednesday sounds like a nightmare.
    glad it's over, right? annnnnd tomorrow is Friday, so...
    and I will be up snowboarding and thinking about you. :)

  6. I'm having one of those days. I'm letting something bother me that really should not bother me and it's bringing me down. I think WAY too much.

  7. Sorry dear! Hopefully today is going better!

  8. This certainly sounds like a shitty day, i hope thursday brings some awesome - with a side a sparkle (too much sparkle would distract me, I think).

  9. I hope you had a better day on Thursday AND I hope your weekend has been great so far!

    XO Lourdes


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