Friday, August 10, 2012

What matters

You've all seen this commercial, right?

Well, sometimes I feel like us bloggers get this way.  We have lots of "friends" we never talk to... we just have a lot to make ourselves feel great.  We spend hours catching up on what other people like, what they do... time when we could be doing our own thing.

Don't get me wrong:  I'm a pretty big fan of Blogland.  It has caused me to find new things to try, and has introduced me to a whole host of incredible people.  The people that change your life forever.

But this weekend, I'm out.  No blogging for me.  I'm going to a hippie dippie music festival.  As tempted as I am to check in, to tweet, to even read tweets, I'm going to do everything in my power to resist.  Instead, I wanna twirl in pretty dresses and skirts, drink tea at my favorite tea shop, and buy some incense at the Nepali import shops around town.  I plan on sleeping in, and staying up.  In other words, I want to do the things that I love, but never seem to have enough time for.

And maybe come next week, I'll have a little bit more to talk about than some silly little commercial.  Have a great weekend, and do something just for you, please.  You deserve it.


  1. i'm gonna do the sammmme thing. Going to see the inlaws tomorrow, and my laptop is NOT coming.

  2. This is great! Hope you are enjoying your "disconnected" weekend!

  3. It sounds like a perfect time. :)

    I'm so happy that you are a hippie. Haha! I wish we lived closer and could be real life, tea-drinking, incense-burning, hippie-music-listening, long-dress-wearing besties. :) We have SO much in common! Hope you were successful!

  4. have a great time! taking some time off from blogging is essential sometimes :-)

  5. You do your thing girl! Have fun this weekend.


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