Thursday, August 23, 2012

There's a form for that

My job requires a lot of paperwork.  In fact, if you tried to lease an apartment with us, there would be more paperwork for you to fill out than if you were trying for finance a new car.

Since I'm all about honesty on this here blog, I have no problem telling you that I enjoy handling paperwork.  Now, before you all go and start the arduous process of un-following my blog, hear me out, k?  It's like this.  Paperwork doesn't talk back.  It's organized.  It's orderly.  When done properly, it gives the user accurate, detailed, concise information.  I like my work organized.

It should come as no surprise to you that if I like paperwork in my professional life, that I can see its value in my personal life as well.  Something that I think all of us bloggers should seriously consider adopting is a blog release form.  What is the prupose of the form, you ask?  It's simple.  This would be a form that would give you (the blogger) consent to tell stories about your friends, families, co-workers, Starbucks barista, etc without fear of public shaming.  Think of all the times you've mentioned your co-workers' dislike of ANYTHING on your blog, and how that particular co-worker will never let you hear the end of it.  In an instant, that would no longer be an issue.

So I present to you, the blog release form:

I ____________________ hearby allow for (your name here), the writer of (your blog name here) to use my name, likeness, or description on their blog.  I understand that their ability to deliver witty, funny, sarcastic, or insightful blog content is dependent on my willingness to be mentioned.  By having a relationship with a blogger, I understand that they will feel obligated to talk about their lives and the people in it, even if the story is sometimes at my own expense.

The blogger understands that while I consent to be included on the blog, that they have the responsibility of being fair, accurate, and non-slanderous in their descriptions.  Even if I do something totally evil, the blogger promises to make every attempt to be respectful of my privacy within the blogosphere.

___________________________     ___________
Signature                                             Date

I had really hoped to make this post funny somehow, so that you understand that I'm not ACTUALLY serious about this.  Because really, who would agree to it?  We bloggers operate under the notion of "it's better to beg forgiveness", and I think that for the most part, it turns out pretty well.  However, Alyx and I were talking one night about how it's nice to keep your blog a secret from your co-workers so that you can tell funny stories about them without making them mad.  The idea of a release form was spawned from that conversation.  Wanna have a hilarious email thread with someone?  Alyx is your girl.  I get more great blog post ideas from her than I do from just about anyone these days.

What is your stance on talking about friends/family/baristas on your blog?  Is it no holds barred?  Or do you heavily filter what you say?  Do you do everything in your power to ignore their existence in your life?


  1. This totally made me laugh out loud! I just pictured myself walking around with all these forms and handing them out. Could you imagine? People would be all "Blogosphere? What the...?" Hahahaha

  2. I love paperwork too! I initially started my blog as a way to keep family and friends updated. Now that I've branched out into the blogosphere I wish they didn't know about it. There are times I'd really like to rant abt something and can't. But then again it's prolly a good thing I can't rant on my blog :)

  3. this is a pretty funny idea.

    my co-workers don't know about my blog, THANK THE HEAVENS.

  4. Love this!!

    I never told my old co-workers about my blog. Although I never talked about them, it just wasn't something I wanted them to know about. My family knows about it, but how much they actually READ it, I have no idea.

  5. i hope you're feeling better, and I wish there was a list of criteria that a blogger must meet before calling themselves a blogger, smartass is the only requirement.

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Because I do. Like, a lot.
    I think it's time for us to meet. I've been scheming, thinking of ways to make that reality.
    We'll see, we'll see.


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