Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Box swap

Well guys, we made it to another Monday.  Do you feel like that's an accomplishment?  A lot of times I do.  School starts for Ammon and I today... I'm taking one in-person class this semester on Wednesday nights.  It's going to feel so strange to go sit in a classroom for hours on end again!  At the same time, I do tend to do better with in-person classes, as opposed to online classes.  In addition, I'll be heading back to school in style, thanks to the great stuff I got from participating in the beauty box swap!  This awesome swap was hosted by Tiffany, Megan, and Kitteh, and was modeled after birchbox, but with different price levels!  I thought it would be lots of fun, and decided to participate at the $30 level.

Aren't you always surprised when someone doesn't procrastinate on getting their box out to you?  That's how I felt when an amazing package arrived in my mailbox from Stacie.  It arrived almost a week before the deadline for sending out our goodies!  And let me tell you, I was thrilled with everything she packed in there.  Take a look:

2 different face washes, an eye shadow palette, mascara, eyeliner, eye primer, facial cleansing wipes, a face scrubber, an adorable nail polish, and samples!!!  Don't worry, you get to see the samples too:

Yup, she threw in a trail sized clinique mascara.  I forgot how much I looooooove their mascara.  It used to be the only one I used.  Rediscovery at its finest!

By far, the product I am enjoying the most is that face scrubber.  I never got on the clarisonic bandwagon, but I do like gentle exfoliation.  This is just the perfect blend of exfoliation and gentleness for me.  I'm also really impressed with the eye primer!  I typically use Mary Kay (because I have a ton of it), but I hate how it comes in a squeeze tube.  This one from ELF has a sponge-tip applicator, and goes on like a dream!  I was surprised at how long lasting it is.  Another fantastic win!

I really can't thank Stacie enough... she has amazing taste in beauty products, and her blog is 100% dedicated to her faves.  I would definitely recommend heading over to her blog and checking out what she has to say about the products she's loving right now.

What are your fall beauty essentials?  Any new products you're loving lately?


  1. Hi Kristen! I am so happy rhat you liked the things I picked for you! Enjoy them all! I agree that this was such a fun swap! Good luck at school! Hugs, Stacie xo

  2. cute stuff, especially that Essie color!

  3. You hit the mother load of great swapper gals! Love this idea. Now you can be even more beautiful if possible.

  4. lucky lucky you! I would be elated to get all this in the mail!

  5. I recently participated in Xmas in July and sent my box the day before it was due.

    I'm a procrastinator.

  6. I suck at beauty stuff.

    Except I'm loving that face stuff you sent me.

    Look at my technical terms.

    And stuff.

  7. Is that pink thing the Sephora cleansing scrubber? I totally have that and LOVE it!!!! Gives you the exfoliation feel with out scrubbing off your face and works great with any facial cleanser. You totally scored girl!!!!

  8. I don't wear makeup, it's all tattoo'ed on my face.

    I'm also lying.


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